Los Angeles based artist Easton is bringing uncontrollable heat to the music masses with his explosive brand of Indie Pop. Best known for his famed photographer career, Easton shatters all music expectations with his sophomore release, “On Holiday” with accompanying music video bleeding out the unapologetic sensuality reminiscent of the Legendary Prince and the charismatic creative energy of Michael Jackson.

“On Holiday” encourages listeners to embrace the not so perfect moments. In our current social climate of the carefully curated filter-heavy photos and posts on social media, society need reminders to enjoy their true selves. Easton says his intended mission for the single is advocating self liberation;”There were two things I knew. I wanted the track to make you feel liberated and I knew it made me want to dance. I felt this pull from the song to release energy – that feeling when you’re alone, letting loose and cutting away all the bullshit so you’re stripped down to your bare self. Being unapologetically you.”

The artistic video flexes Easton’s carefree dance rhythm, using his confident moves to convey the feeling of freedom, giving in to your inner depth desires without judgement from the outside world. “On Holiday” is a highly addictive anthem of self empowerment and self expression, The funky thumping soundscape and savory vocals will have you shaking your hips, seducing you to get bare naked as you dance to the beat.
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