Singer Songwriter, Jordan Xidas, is kicking down the preconceived music barriers with his spellbinding latest single,”Martyr”. The track is an ultra exposing look at Xidas’ daring songwriting abilities, highlighting the taboo topics such as religion and sexuality on a lustful silky pop soundscape. 

We had the immense pleasure of speaking with Xidas, where he opened up about the significance behind “Martyr” and the ultimate aspiration to spark dialogue of the many facets of lust and homosexuality.

Xidas is a stand out from the overwhelming amount of artists in the industry because his songs reflect the naked truth of his own life experiences, sparking a conversation and awareness of  the trials and tribulations about self acceptance and the unexpected twists and turns of discovering the intricate aspects of lust and love. 

The single came to fruition about 2 years ago, Xidas recalls the memorable recording session,”I wrote Martyr to a track my brother, Niko, was producing with our hometown friend Adam Kromelow. I think it was an evening in February of 2017 – I remember looping a short version of the track in my dorm room and coming up with the opening lines “We were walkin on water, now we’re drownin in it”, before deciding to call my friend Sydney Cubit for help. She picked me up, we went back to her house, and wrote the rest of the song sitting at her kitchen table.” Xidas remembers they wrote the song without any specific idea or expectation going in, “we were both on a wavelength and understood where the song needed to go. I recorded vocals in the following weeks at my brother’s home studio, and we ended up using most of the scratch vocal in the final.”

“Martyr” is a tremendous leap for Xidas, not only does he speak unapologetically about pure lust and yearning, he also uses the element of religion brilliantly to express the emotions on the track, he explained that it wasn’t preplanned, it just happened. “In hindsight, I think the song was definitely a subconscious expression of feelings I’d harbored for a long time. I’d come out as gay just a few months prior, and in the 18 year process of coming out, I’d spent countless nights wondering if being gay was a sin, or if I would be condemned by God for expressing my true sexuality. It felt like I had to choose between religion and my sexuality, and by coming out I was choosing my sexuality. I think Martyr was a subconscious expression of that.”

The track gives a massive amount of empowerment to embrace your true self, Xidas desired to bring awareness to the world about one of many internal struggles facing the LGBTQ community,

“Though it wasn’t a conscious intention while writing the song, I definitely think that the internal struggle Martyr depicts is one that many LGBTQ people can relate to and hopefully feel less alone in. Even as somebody with a very positive religious experience growing up, I still faced the effects of toxic, homophobic dogma that exist in our culture. We’re at a unique time in history for LGBTQ rights and I think it’s important that songs like this exist to unite us, spark conversation, and continue progress.”

Xidas expresses the importance to keep making music that celebrates sexuality,  “Since coming out, I think sexual liberation has become a theme of my music, and I definitely hope to share this liberation with my listeners. There are countless explicit examples of heterosexuality in pop music and culture, and I hope to contribute an alternate, equally sexy narrative for LGBTQ listeners.”

As we conclude our insightful chat, Xidas teases what awaits for his fans in the very near future, “I’ve got a few more singles lined up for the coming months, and a few more in the works for after that! Really excited about the songs and direction of the next batch. I’ll also be playing a 30 minute set at The High Watt in Nashville on March 26th!”

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Photo Credit: Sydney Cubit