Alternative pop/rock band Recess are enjoying an amazing start to the new year releasing their motivational new single, “When The Sky Comes”, the second release off their upcoming sophomore EP titled “From Dust to Gold”. The adventurous quartet experiment with many distinctive facets of the music spectrum displaying a profound artistry beyond their years. We spoke to Recess about their experience of music sessions writing and recording “Leaving Home”, their trials and tribulations in addition to their advice for those who aspire to become an artist and/or musician.


Recess began their individual artistic journeys at the early ages of 8 to 12 honing in their instrument playing skills and playing cover songs, with the exception of the band’s frontman who began much earlier than the rest of the band members. “Our lead vocalist, Vince, has been singing since the beginning of time, so he’s always had his ability.” They further added, “We started extremely young, so I’m not sure if there was an exact moment. I think we all really couldn’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of our lives at the time and up to now.” The band recalled how the discovery of their signature sound led to their music making expedition; “We eventually found our sound and started writing seriously around 5-6 years ago. Back then, we were recording demos and learning how to produce and mix properly.”

Recess, armed with their seasoned knowledge, were ready to introduce their blazing feel good music to the world by 2018. “We finally felt we could record a professional EP and released “Boundary Lane””.Received with rave reviews from the music sphere, Recess continued to release music and announced their much awaited follow up project. “As of now, we’re pushing our latest singles “Leaving Home” and “When the Sky Comes” off of our new EP “From Dust to Gold” (which will be available in late March/early April) and are also in the midst of shooting our music video for “Leaving Home” with director Brad Golowin.”

The Music Making Process

The refreshing quality of Recess is their bold variations of music genre blending experimentation found in their songs. Each track differs from the other yet, all sharing an intriguing story in the lyrics. Recess describe their music style as “epic and theatrical pop/alternative, but, at the same time, electronic and dance influenced.” Their musical influences such as, Onerepublic, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and Avicii motivated the band to be unafraid to take their music soundscapes to unseen creative heights specially on their Jazzy standout single, “Leaving Home”.

The track has a ambitious, orchestra heavy, anthemic soundscape pulling their listeners in from the very beginning. As the story unfolds, the song becomes a fearless marriage of Jazz and Pop with heavy underlinings of Alternative Rock transforming into a unique take on music as a whole. Recess shared some insight on their experience of creating the single; “Musically, “Leaving Home” is inspired by epic orchestral pop songs like “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay and “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons. The song is based around the loneliness of travel, touring, and performing, and not being able to see loved ones and family in exchange for doing what you’ve always wanted to do.”

Recess’ creative process is a somewhat steady approach that begins with “vocal melodies and decisions on the track’s vibe. Usually when you have a certain melody, it already has a vibe to it, so you know where it’s going before you start. Sometimes this process changes; it really is unpredictable and seems to just fall into place if the song is given the time it needs.” Recess confessed it required plenty of intense detailed sessions: “The recording sessions were really intense. Many hours of mixing sounds, messing with effects, pans, and frequencies, and really get-in and get-out recordings of drums, overheads, guitar, and other instruments. We spent a good amount of time on vocal performance and recording/mixing it well. Hopefully the work we put into the song shows.” Recess hopes their music becomes a form of escapism for their listeners. “Each song has a different vibe and overall meaning, so we’d say that we’d like them to think of our music as a rollercoaster of emotion and an escape from reality.”

Hardships, Advice and the Future

Every artist and band has their own trials and tribulations, for Recess, the biggest challenge they face is the misperception of a music career not being a legit one. “Everyone asking when you’re going to get a real job, no matter how large your music career has gotten.” Having a satisfying music career requires hard work, an endless amount of persistence and the unbreakable faith in your craft. Recess offered their advice to aspiring artists and musicians; “There’s going to be a point in your career in which you have no money, no job, and are constantly being questioned by your significant other, her family, your family, your friends etc… This will be the test that will prove how much you actually want to make music for a career. Don’t let anyone break you and don’t stop because life and other people try to sway you into following the norm.” The band emphasized some ideas such as working with a friend’s friend will have regretful consequences, “Don’t let a friend of a friend shoot videos or record for you; that never ends well.”

As we concluded our chat, Recess leaves us with an tidbit of what’s in store for their future, “Whatever the future holds. We like to think we have no ceiling, so we’ll see what our music, videos, and content can do for people.”

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