The newly LA resident artist, musician and songwriter, Aaron Taos, is embarking on a remarkable music journey called “Birthday Boy”, the forthcoming full length album dropping early next month. The album has thus far provided fascinating glimpses of Taos artistry and songwriting mastery on previous singles “Control” and “Loneliness”.

On his third single titled “Is It Anything? featuring Khary, Taos flexes his natural ability of his tongue in cheek songwriting style to a grandiose music canvas of vital vocal colors and sounds gently blending together to create a modest and elaborate painting about Taos’ self doubt inflicted by having a career in the music industry. We spoke with Taos ahead of his preparations for his forthcoming album where we dove on the process and inspiration behind his single, “Is It Anything?”

The music making sessions for the track began with straightforward music ideas revolving the guitar, Taos recalls the sessions experience; “I sat down with my buddy Johnny Frank and we were just recording cool guitar ideas.  He played the riff for “is it anything?” and immediately we were like this is sick. After he left I sat down and started producing it out adding drums and bass and other stuff. Then eventually the verses and choruses came together and later on I asked Khary if he wanted to hop on the track.”

The single is one of his most vulnerable yet, Taos describes the inspiration behind the track, Is It Anything?” as a reflection song about a career in music. It’s about the constant questioning “Am I good enough?,” “What am I trying to say?” “Do I even want it anyway?”.. Taos’ genuine delivery on universally relatable lyrics such as “I’m driven by art and the money, respect/ But is it working risking my neck..” delivers a refreshing taste of the unique artist’s ability to expose his intimate thoughts while injecting an tranquil dose of empowerment in Taos’ delivery vocally and sonically.

Taos emphasizes the importance of reminding yourself the reason you are doing this, “With the current state of music, with everything being produced and released at such a rapid pace, I think it’s important to constantly step back and re-evaluate what it is that youreally actually want tosay and why exactly you’re feeling disappointed, excited, or any number of highs and lows that come with this stuff. More generally, it’s about the process of going down the rabbit hole chasing a goal, whether it be a career, a person, or a feeling and when/if you finally attain that thing – is it all you thought it would be?”

Most music listeners gravitate towards honest stories about the life’s trials and tribulations and for Taos, it’s critical to be sincere about his own everyday battles in his music. “I just wanted to be as honest as possible about my frustrations about chasing my passion, and I’m sure other people doing the same will relate to that.” Taos adds he hopes his track will encourage his listeners to have a blast listening and connecting with the story and chilled out soundscape, “Even though the content is a little heavy/heady, I just really dig the instrumentation and vibe of the overall track. Hopefully people can connect with the lyrics, but of course just bob your head along to the beat.”

Keep your eyes peeled for his next single available on Feb 13 ahead of his album release, “Birthday Boy” due out on March 6!

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Photos courtesy of Aaron Taos