The new year began with a explosive bang of new music from singer-songwriter Natalie Shay. The UK artist released a pair of A/B side singles, “Yesterday” and “Whole of Me” with accompanying color bursting music video for “Yesterday”. We caught up with Shay for a quick chat about her recording experience for “Yesterday”, her live performance rituals and what artists and bands are on her own music playlists!

SR: What was the inspiration for your single “Yesterday”? What were the recording sessions like?

NS: This song is inspired by a very one sided short lived romance I was invloved with. I wrote this song when I realised I could do better and it was kinda closure for me to write the song. 

SR: Is there anything you wish your listeners would take away from listening to “Yesterday”?

NS: I hope this song can help anyone else in the same situation. It’s ok to just give up on something if it doesn’t feel right.  

SR: When making a new track, do you imagine, what it would be like to perform the song live?

NS: Always. I prefer playing live to anything else. So I definitely write song with live performance in mind. 

SR: Do you have any pre rituals before you do a live performance?

NS: I drink a lot of milk so probably just drinking milk. I know it’s not ideal for your voice but I like it anyway.  

SR: What artists and bands are currently motivating you?

NS: I love little comets. They are my favourite band I love their songwriting and production and just all round attitude to what they do. They will always be my biggest inspiration. 

SR: What is next for you?

NS: More music, more shows, hopefully more festivals and definitely more writing. 

Photo Credit: Max Giorgeschi

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