Indie pop duo slenderbodies released their final single,”queen” off of their newly released “soraya” EP, a buttery lullaby about their deepest appreciation of a significant woman in their life. The dreamy elements of “queen” ooze an explosive, magnetic charisma with their slow burning guitar spotlight stealing riffs and a sensual, heart pulsating vocal delivery, leaving their audience intrigued and salivating for more music from the Los Angeles based music duo. 

slenderbodies’ previous tracks have served as a crystal clear reflection of the many complex layers of their rare artistic prowess and songwriting abilities and their latest single is no exception. The song soars to the highest music peak inducing countless butterflies in the pit of your stomach as ethereal singing invades your mind taking you on a blissful journey of raw emotions of feeling loved and grateful. There are many great tracks from different amazing artists but rare ones like slenderbodies stay with you, taking you on their surprising journeys in unseen exhilarating ways that will keep you coming back for more time and time again. 

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