Korean pop star Lee Sora released her new single “Song Request,” today at 6PM KST and it’s already making waves.

The track was composed by Epik High’s Tablo and DEE.P, and the lyrics were written by Tablo and Suga od BTS who also apprara on the track.

The song is not only holding the No. 1 spot on the realtime charts of major music sites Melon, Genie, Bugs, Naver, and Soribada, as well as No. 2 on Mnet, but it is also making charts worldwide. Currently the song is No. 5 on the itunes U.S. singles charts, all thanks to the power of BTS ARMY who quickly began streaming and buying the song as soon as Suga tweeted about it. In total, “Song Request” is No. 1 on iTunes in 50 countries.

“Song Request” is a song that is just what the title refers to, the feeling of turning to the radio to request a song to get you through the day. The lyrics paint a picture of someone traveling through the multi-layered journey of love and heartbreak, trying to get through the day and night with the help of the radio.

Take a look at the lyric translations below along with the music video.

Lee Sora]: It’s raining again outside the window These moments make me think of you
I can’t sleep
This silence and the melancholic sound of my heart
the room
Make me go crazy
So why turn up your radio
Somewhere, I hear someone’s voice
And on the radio
That sad story is so much like my own

Chorus]: Hey DJ play me a song
to make me smile
A song that will make me forget that person
and smile for me in this sorrowful night
Hey DJ play me a song to make me cry A song that will make me forget that person
And cry for me in this suffocating night

Suga]: This night that comforts a fierce day I had, when even the darkness has gone to sleep
Throws me up hundreds of time
Because you’re in pain
I’m a corner, a piece of your life
A friend of your emotions
And sometimes family
At times when you want to take a rest When you’re buried under loneliness even when you’re together
When you’re intoxicated with memories And bring someone up
That’s when I become your music

Suga Cont.]: Yes, to someone, I’m spring
To another, winter
I’m the end to someone and the start to another
I’m happiness to someone and the soul to another
A lullaby to someone and at times a noise
I’Il be with you at your birth and your end
Remember we’re always together anywhere
I’ll always console your life
So just lean on me and rest sometimes