For the past week ARMY has been in a fr next trying to decode clauses as to what the 7 member band is up to next. It wall began when Big Hit Entertainment retweeted what seemed to be a new publishing company, Smeraldo Books, which also happens to be the name of the fictitious flower featured in the band’s “Most Beautiful Moment In Life” Story.

It’s been a while since this story has been mentioned but fans know that each member has a story which has been weaved throughout music videos and concept films. Each member tells a story that deals with some very heavy content ranging from suicide, abuse, abandonment and lack of self worth. Many theories were spawned as to the future of the 7 men who make this storyline so meaningful and it’s been continuously fed with “the notes” that are released with every album. Notes that read like journal entries that clue us into what each member is going through.

Now, that era seems to have returned as Smeraldo Books has been tweeting clips from the music videos along with old notes and just yesterday they premiered the BU (BTS Universe) and a new webtoon that seems to be the answer to all these theories.

The prologue and first two episodes have been released and these coincide with the storyline that has been weaned through BTS albums, mostly in “The Most Beautiful Moment Part 1 and 2.”

Smerlado Books continues their countdown every night with 4 more clips and notes to be revealed. Stay tuned as we continue to discover what else BTS has in store for ARMY. Perhaps this is the beginning of yet another era that will be as great as Love Yourself.