Welcome to our part two of our most fearless tracks of 2018. This final part consists of the top 5 bold tracks of the year that touch on universally experienced topics such depression, addiction, mental health, anxiety and fear among others. We hope these tracks give you some sense of hope and encouragement to overcome your own life obstacles and struggles and realize you are not alone. 

5. R E L – “Surgery”

Singer-Songwriter and Evoca- Pop artist R E L is a brave storyteller and extremely passionate in advocating self love and self acceptance in her music. Suffering from Anorexia from an early age, R E L wrote her single “Surgery” an inside look at her own story of struggling with anorexia and body dysmorphia. We spoke with the talented artist about what she thrived to achieved when she wrote the song. 

SR: What does this track mean to you? Did you know when you made it, it would not only be an empowering track for you but also for your listeners?

R E L: Surgery is about healing, and how it sometimes feels like it’d be easier if someone could just fix you. Ultimately we’re our own best medicine. Nanagrams is about the jumbled up mind which can inhabit a body. Fearful of being controlled by those around her, she controls herself. Body dysmorphia is something the artist struggled with from an early age, for a long time. The visual for this song, which comes out with the song, involves a corset, 1 of 3 symbols the visuals for Side A are based around. When I make music I hope it will empower my listeners, always!

SR: The track doesn’t hold back on shining on a spotlight on things that most people choose to hide or avoid talking about, was it your intention to bring forth your truth while giving a sense of community to those who can relate to what you’ve gone through?

R E L: I think we live in a time of instant gratification, photoshop and “fake news”, so it’s important to me to be honest. It most certainly was intentional to shine a spotlight on my truth. I want to create a sense of trust with my listeners and fan base. We need to look each other in the eyes more in our world. If I can inspire more of that then it’s all worth it.

SR: Is there anything you wish your listeners would take away from listening to the track?

R E L: Beyond being about overcoming eating disorders / body dysmorphia, “Surgery” is about self love. I think this is the foundation of all love. “Nanagrams” grooves, and I hope it provokes you to think about the thoughts that run through your mind daily, and ways you might be inhibiting yourself! Thank you for listening. Please stay tuned for much more new music, early 2019.

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  • 4. Vinyl Theatre – “Hold Me Down”
  • Milwaukee three piece band Vinyl Theatre are well known for their irresistible post punk electronic synth pop rock grooves and poetic songwriting. Recently the band released their full length album titled “StarCruiser” containing a wonderful stand out track called “Hold Me Down”.

    The ultra catchy soundscape will captivate your attention immediately as the retable story of feeling unsteady and unsettled takes shape. The lyrics emit hopefulness and motivates in dealing with everyday struggles and challenges. 

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    3. The Spencer Lee Band – “River Water” 

    The LA based band released their first single “River water” from their debut self titled EP earlier this year with plenty of good buzz. The track finds the band’s frontman Spencer Lee bending and stretching all the colors of his powerful vocal range on a minimal guitar based bluesy soundscape.

    The gutsy track is an intimate glimpse into someone’s life of being homeless with all the accompanying challenges while finding strength to fight their inner demons to take control back to their lives. 

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    2. Ella Vos – “Ocean”

    Struggling to come to terms with suffering from an disease or illness is never easy, Singer-Songwriter Ella Vos faced her sudden diagnosis of Lymphoma with courage, using her passion for writing music as a coping mechanism. Vos’ latest track, “Ocean” is a beautifully written song about her inner self conflicts. She wrote the song as a letter to herself as a reminder, a form of self awareness of her own feelings in dealing with an illness.

    Vos shatters your heart as she bares her inner depths of her soul in a determined angelic vocal range. “Ocean” is a reminder to embrace your broken pieces even on the darkest life periods of your life, you can get through it. 

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    1. Cosmo Problems – “FauxReal”

    Portland’s Rapper/Poet and Producer Cosmo Problems is a forced to be reckoned with. He is a courageous artist who reveals his truth unapologetically in his music. The album title track “FauxReal” off his debut album is the one of the most powerful moment of the album where raw emotions spill over. “FauxReal” speaks on life: the obstacles, the challenges, the hope and self acceptance of who you are and the endless possibilities of who you could be. 

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    Cosmo Problems had a quick chat with us about the intention and vision behind the track.

    “FauxReal”, the album is a relatable empowering journey, a essential complete listen from start to finish kind of record concluding with the album track,“My personal vision for FauxReal both as a song and as an album was for it to be a message in a bottle.” Cosmo Problems thrived for others to relate, “I wanted to find a way to tell strangers that they are beautiful in way that was genuine and meaningful and cast it off to some distant shore in hopes that someone who needed it would find it. To that end my intention for both myself and the listener is to find inner peace and the strength to keep living despite whatever obstacles present themselves.”

    Listening to the track is an profound experience unlike any other, it’s a rollercoaster ride of raw emotions that creep on you unexpectedly, “FauxReal, like most of my songs, started with me trying to make notes harmonize and words rhyme and somehow wound up a completed song. Like a lot of the songs on the album, FauxReal went through major production changes before being completed (I think the final version is the fourth iteration of it). Cosmo Problems emphasizes he did intent for the listener to feel when listening to “FauxReal” while making the intricate soundscape, “I don’t think I had any intention for the song other than expressing myself when I wrote the lyrics, but the beat for the final version was intended to make the listener feel a spectrum of emotions from regret to hope to peace.”

    The track is an important song because it exposes the ugly, the relatable bad situations and circumstances a person can be in while carrying a message of strength and perseverance. Cosmo Problems hopes his listeners facing similar situations and struggles can see the silver lining,”I ‘d just like to say “Never stop learning!” Every experience is an opportunity to learn about yourself, about the world, and about what its like to be a human. Even the worst suffering can be meaningful when its contextualized by how you’ve grown from it. Have empathy because everyone you meet is you, living a different life.”

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