UK Alternative pop/rnb artist HUNTAR has been on our radar for several years now. He has been garnering a passionate fanbase selling out live shows all over Europe and heavily buzzing in the states with his savory electro pop rnb blend. HUNTAR recently released his hotly anticipated debut album titled “The Ride” featuring a versatile collection of tracks including his breakout singles, “Beautiful”, “4AM”, “Anyway” and “Carousel”. 

We spoke with the talented artist ahead of the release of his album about the experience of creating his new project, fellow artists that have served as his inspiration and his everyday challenges such as mental health.

SR: What is your story?

HUNTAR: Well, I’m HUNTAR. I’ve always loved music and started out as a singer/songwriter, just playing guitar and singing in my bedroom, I then took the next step and played little local pubs in my football shirts, singing love songs for fun. I was lucky enough to get signed and started this projects which has been rolling now for the past 4 years. I’ve put in a lot of handwork over the last couple of years in all honesty. I’ve had the opportunity to tour and play with some amazing artists and release a whole lot of music, which has all culminated in my first studio album, which is pretty sick!

SR: How would you describe your music style?

HUNTAR: Like a lucid dream. But if you want a little more, I guess it straddles along the lines of rnb /pop with some real electronic inspiration.

SR: What was the inspiration behind “The Ride” album? What were the recording sessions like?

HUNTAR: It has been built over the last 4 years, the 10 Songs have really been chapters in my life. I’ve written a hell of a lot of music so far and these songs are the journey for me to get to who I am right now, “the ride” to making the album and discovering who I am as an artist. Nothing is ever easy and everything in life can be it’s own miniature rollercoaster, this album being one of them. So it felt right that we called the album ‘The Ride’.

SR: What was your favorite song to write and record from the album? Why?

HUNTAR: My favourite song changes all the time but I’d say “carousel” because it’s a step in the direction I am heading into album 2

SR: What has been the most challenging and most rewarding part of creating this new project?

HUNTAR: Patience, waiting 4 years I learnt patience, I started this all as a teenager and I’m still learning every day but mainly patience and empathy.

SR: What do you want your listeners to take with them after listening to your music?

HUNTAR: Thats really for the listeners and fans to decide. Each track can have different meanings to different people. I wrote the songs because I had a story to tell, it might not be the same story as they hear because everyone relates to music differently but I want them to feel emotion from the stories I try to tell whether that’s happy, sad or wanting to go out and dance it’s what the music was meant for from me.

SR: What current artists and bands are motivating you?

HUNTAR: 6lack, post malone, blackbear, wynne, THOMSTON, the 1975, chase Atlantic and of course, Prince. He’ll forever be an inspiration.

SR: What are the most challenging things about being an artist?

HUNTAR: I think days where you’re being told no or to wait or no to certain songs you love, I find those days hard, days alone that are free where I am left to think on my own. It’s pretty dangerous, especially in the day and age we live in where everything in very manicured. No one really takes an interest in an artist’s mental health. Obviously its a huge topic at the moment in general and I think we need more artists to talk freely about the lows of being an artist as well as the highs. Obviously as musicians we’re very lucky in that we can turn our down days into something incredible and release it to the world to help others on their down days. But in reality just like everyone, you have some days when nothing is going right and you feel like quitting, but then 3 minutes later I’ll have 100 different ideas and plans of taking over the world.

SR: What advice would you give anyone who aspires to be an artist?

HUNTAR: Failure isn’t failing its learning and it only beats you if you give up. The best artists/bands failed more times than they won but it’s because they kept trying and that what everyone has to do.

SR: What is next for you?

HUNTAR: More new music, more shows, maybe a bubble bath

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Photo Credit: Cara Kealy