Singer-songwriter Trevor Douglas has been dazzling audiences for quite a while with his emotive songwriting and music making. Douglas, who was featured as one of our picks for artist to watch this past spring, is ending his year with new music and live shows in the east coast. We spoke to the multi talented artist amidst of the release of his anticipated EP titled “Four in the Morning” and live show preparations about the making of the new EP.

SR: What was the meaning behind the EP’s name “four in the morning”?

TD: So I’m generally a night owl and will just work till suuupppeeerrr late at night so I decided to name my EP after that.

SR: Last time we spoke you shared that you wrote “Pressure” by yourself in the closet at your home, was there any other songs from the EP recorded in a similar way?

TD: Haha all of them actually! I don’t really have access or the funds to get to the nicer higher end studios, so I do what I can! I feel like it gave the record a much more raw honest sound which was cool.

SR: With the track “Dandelions”, you experiment with romantic vocal harmonies, displaying another side we had yet to see from you, what inspired you to deliver the vocals in that very distinctive way?

TD: One thing I try and play with my songs is I think about “what location do I see this song taking place?” Like “Problems” took place at a high school party. “Take This Back” took place in a roller rink. “Dandelions” took place outside by a pond, so I decided to go outside and just sing and see what the space sounded like. Then I tried to imitate that reverb on those vocals and what you heard was the result. I hope that made sense (laughs).

SR: “Take This Back” has a retro pop vibe, was it your intention to make a track with a vintage flavor or did it just happen that way?

TD: Well I’ve always really loved 80s style music and I am really influenced by that decade of music. I recently had started taking a few courses with Berklee College of Music online and the first one was Logic Pro X 101. One of the first assignments was to do one of our songs in a different genre, so I did “Take This Back” in an 80s style and I liked it so much I just kept it.

SR: What was your favorite track to record? and why?

TD: Well they were all different levels of headaches (laughs). It’d be a toss up between “Pressure” and “Take This Back” I think.

SR: While making a new track do you imagine what it would be like to perform the song live?

TD: Depends on the song, but generally no. Overall it’s really important that the recording is great and stands on it’s own. So usually I’ll do the recording first, then figure out the live version.

SR: Did you listen to any artists and bands while you were writing and recording the EP?

TD: I listened to a lot of 80s and some early 90s music and that sort of influence definitely found it’s way into my EP. While I was in the middle of recording it Voicenotes by Charlie Puth came out and just the production quality of that album greatly influenced my EP. Every single song on that album was executed and produced so well. So I looked to what made his songs interesting for inspiration. Then it was mixed/mastered well, so I sent some songs from Voicenotes to Paul Flint (the guy who mixed/mastered my songs) as reference too.

SR: What would you like your listeners to take away from listening to the EP?

TD: I hope that they are able to find my songs relatable worked so hard on it and really poured my heart out in it.

SR: What is next for you?

TD: Oh gosh (laughs) so much. I’m in LA right now and have a bunch of shows lined up out here, then I go home for a few days for a few shows then fly straight to the east coast for a 10 day tour with Rookie Of The Year, Skyward Story, and The Victory Drive. I’ve already started working on my next project too. Already have like 10 songs at different levels of finished that I’m looking at putting on the next record. I also just finished filming a music video for “Take This Back” that my friend Jordan Richardson that I am INCREDIBLY excited for!

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