Los Angeles based 5 piece band, Bizou, have been mesmerizing their listeners with their own unique brand of post punk rock for quite sometime. Armed with seasoned musicians and bold songwriting they are bound to turn the music world upside down.  We had the opportunity to have a chat with the band about their music making process and the inspiration behind their latest single, “Superstition” amongst other topics. 

SR: What is your story? 

Bizou: We’re a 5-piece post-punk outfit based in Los Angeles.

SR: How would you describe your music style? 

Bizou: Pop if you focus on the song structure, shoegaze if you listen to the effects.

SR: Can you describe your songwriting and music making process? 

Bizou: It’s very collaborative. We mine our respective hard drives for demos and ideas, rearrange them in practice, and refine them in the studio. Everyone brings their own parts. It’s sort of like looking at a scatterplot but it all works out in the end.

SR: What inspired your new track, “Superstition”? What was the recording session like? 

Bizou: We did multiple recording sessions cuz Mina was having such a hard time nailing the vocals… Once we circled back to it, it was done in 20 minutes.

SR: What do you want your listeners to take with them after listening to your music? 

Bizou: Hopefully that bizarrely satisfying happy/sad cocktail we’re striving to create.

SR: What current artists and bands are motivating you? 

Bizou: Glaare, Draemings, Sprain, and The Cure, always.

SR: What are the most challenging things about being an artist/musician? 

Bizou: I think the hardest part is learning how to trust and not give up on yourself, even when you’ve convinced yourself that’s the only rational choice.

SR: What advice would you give anyone who aspires to be an artist/musician? 

Bizou: Try to write or play every day, even if you don’t like whatever you come up with. Save everything– in the future, it’s likely to be usable. Apart from that, look after yourself. We need you.

SR: What is next for you? 

Bizou: We’re wrapping up tracking on two separate EPs, and we’re excited to start releasing them early next year.

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