MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE—FALLOUT, arriving on Digital November 20, 2018 and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD December 4 from Paramount Home Media Distribution. The exhilarating, action-packed movie will also be available as part of the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6-movie Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray Collection, the perfect gift for the holidays.

Produced by Tom Cruise and Bad Robot, Paramount Pictures and Skydance present MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE—FALLOUT, one of the best reviewed movies of the year, thrilling critics and audiences alike and boasting a 97% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Now fans can go deeper into the Mission with over an hour of high-octane, behind-the-scenes footage highlighting the incredible stunts, heart-pounding action and exotic locations on Digital*, a 3-disc 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack or a 3-disc Blu-ray Combo Pack.

Thanks to Paramount we received and advanced copy of the blu-Ray to review the bonus features for you! Check it out below!

Behind the Fallout

o   Light the Fuse

Mission: Impossible Fallout is a culmination of every film. Every mission has led to this one. It’s an epic and personal take with huge stakes. Ethan has walked into a situation shins his control. He has to go through it even knowing he’s being manipulated. Tom Cruise wanted to tie up the story between Ethan and Julia. Henry Cavil plays “Walker” the wild card in the film. Angela Basset plays the head of the CIA, a no nonsense, powerful woman. Mission Impossible is all about practical stunts me actions that takes you to real locations. Each stunt needed to be uniquely challenging. As usual, Tom did all his stunts to maximize the fact that the character he plays is found all those things. Skydiving. Helicopter flying, falling, running on rooftops. The shot of him breaking his ankle on the rooftop chase is the one that is on film.

The film was shot in IMAX format (the helicopter chase and the halo sequence) for the audience to have the biggest experience possible. Tom is the producer of the franchise so he has a global understanding of what makes Mission Impossible what it is. Director Christopher McQuarrie agreed to return to the franchises only if he could keep the aesthetic of having a different look each film. They understand that the Mission Impossible franchise is popular because it never forgets the audience.

o   Top of the World

The mechanics of filming the halo jump gets broken down in this featurette. No one has been filmed jumping out at that altitude. Dangers of hypoxia were high as the shot needed to be made within 3 minutes. Tom grained in Abu Dabi with help form the Air Force. Equipment and training had to be perfect in order for the jumps to be safe and successful. Special helpers where designed for filming that had to be functional during the jumps. They only had 1 take a day since they had to shoot during sunset.

o   The Big Swing: Deleted Scene Breakdown

We see the break down of this 120ft fall that ended up being deleted from the final film. Arriving in Paris at the Grand Tom Cruise and Henry Cavil’s characters had to find a way to get down from the roof onto the floor to keep the mission on track.

o   Rendezvous in Paris

Tom an the Director wanted to do things that hadn’t been done in Paris before. They wanted to showcase the city so you see every corner of Paris from many angles. Production managed to get permission to film in very iconic and historic landmarks. No stunt men where hairs in the major chases, Tom filmed both the car chase and the motorcycle chase (which he did sans helmet). The crew only had 1 hour to film around the Arc de Triopmhe and whatever the hit, was what they got.

o   The Fall

Next up we see the filming of the most dangerous stunt in the movie: climbing the rope to the helicopter and falling from the helicopter mid flight.

o   The Hunt is On

Another impactful sequence is he helicopter chase where Ethan hunts down Walker to get the detonator. The sequence was filmed in New Zealand and Tom has to learn to first fly and helicopter then to fly aerobaticaly. In order to film into the helicopter they had to create new camera mounts and rigs. During filming this sequence Tom was flying, operating the camera and acting. There was a 0 window of error

o   Cliffside Clash

Finally, we get details look at the filming of the climactic right scene between Henry Cavil and Tom Cruise on a rock formation. The wind and hail made filming precautious as they filmed at the edge of the cliff. From fighting to falling.

·         Deleted Scenes Montage with Optional Commentary by director Christopher McQuarrie and editor Eddie Hamilton

It her scene gets to appear on the main cut of the film and here we get to see a montage of hem with commentary from the director and film editor. We learn why the scenes were removed whether its because they were unnecessary or because they slowed down the film.

·         Foot Chase Musical Breakdown

Music composer shows us how they went about recording the food chase in Paris. Breaking it down by instrument and showing how each layer of instrumentation was added on.

·         The Ultimate Mission

The scope of the film is enormous which is not easy to make. The outcome would not have been the same if they had filmed on green screen. Shooting everything on film was a mission in itself.

·         Storyboards

This section gives us a gallery of the stores board sequences for various films including the Paris motorcycle chase, rooftop chase and more.

·         Theatrical Trailer

·         Commentary by director Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise

·         Commentary by director Christopher McQuarrie and editor Eddie Hamilton

·         Commentary by composer Lorne Balfe

·         Isolated Score Track

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is now available on Digital and on sale on DVD, 4K Ultra and Blu-Ray December 4.