Brooklyn Based singer songwriter, Aaron Taos, is taking the music world by storm with his too cool for you swagger and his unique blend of Alternative pop/rock. He spent most of the year performing live shows including a successful run supporting break out pop darling King Princess on her US tour and released his 2 track EP titled august. this past summer.

We spoke with Taos as he geared up to release his first single and music video for “Control” in support of his forthcoming project titled “Birthday Boy” due sometime next year. He spoke about his new music, his songwriting sessions, tour life and many other things. 

August. EP

Taos released the “august. EP” this past summer with two brand new songs,”Summer In The City” and “Summer Sleep”, a retro sounding homage to his Brooklyn life, “I was working on two projects last year, one turned out to be “Night Thoughts” and the other “Birthday Boy”. These were two songs that didn’t fit the EP.” Taos describes he wanted to release the tracks in the summer specifically in the month of August, “ I just wanted them to have them out at the right time and August is my favorite month, so it kind of  fell into place.” The track “Summer In The City” was written on “a hot heatwave kind of day in Brooklyn” and is about experiencing walking down the street on a hot day and attending a party. “Summer Sleep” was an older song he wrote about laying in a park with his then girlfriend.

Both tracks displayed Taos’ growth sonically and lyrically. He describes how vintage keyboard inspired the soundscapes for the EP and the forthcoming new music. “I had bought this really old retro keyboard at a garage sale for 2 dollars and I don’t really play keyboard, so I was really excited to kind of play with this thing for the past year. “Summer In The City” is built around a couple of keyboard riffs that I was able to do and some chords off this keyboard. This keyboard is featured a lot in this new project.”


As Taos surprises his tight knit fanbase with his latest single and video for “Control”, an incredibly honest story about life in the suburbs, he takes his vocal range on a fearless adventure on the dynamic song production. While Taos is known for his flamboyant artistic persona and sincere songwriting of his own life experiences, “Control” takes it to the next level revealing another side of the multi talented artist, the perfect balance of deliciously dark and charming.

Taos shares how the track was created; ” I started recording “Control” last summer, 2017.  I first came up with the drum loop, then the bass, then the guitar loop to tie it all together. At the time I was living at my parents house in the suburbs. At first the chorus lyric was “Die Alone” but I thought that was too dark so I went back to re-work it (laughs).”

The track is extremely relatable, everyone can fall into routines without realizing it and sometimes it can result into becoming comfortable out of habit. Taos hopes people connect with the meaning of the song; “It’s about the monotony and malaise of daily life in the suburbs. It’s about going through the motions day to day and falling in a pattern where you lose some agency… a “Truman Show” type situation.” He further emphasizes “I wanted it to be very stream of consciousness.  Going through routines and not questioning why you wake up and do what you do. Something I think most people in this day and age can connect with.”

The accompanying music video for “Control” finds Taos collaborating with director Patrick Golan who previously directed the music video for “Amazing”, the result is a bold visual starring a “fish monster”. Taos tells us that he gave complete creative control for the visual to Golan: “I really had no creative input on the video! I trusted my friend/director Patrick Golan (who also did my video for “Amazing”) to bring it to life.  I think he just heard the song and his brain creatively went in the direction of the fish monster.”

Touring & Birthday Boy

This past fall Taos went on tour with King Princess where he performed in places he had never gone before. ”The whole tour was amazing. It was really cool to meet other people in other cities. I appreciated how excited everyone was at my show.” He recalls a memorable fan moment in Philadelphia, “People had signs and after they gave me a sign, they were into the music, they made it really cool and I definitely wasn’t expecting that”. Taos says going on tour with King Princess inspired him, ”She’s someone I known for a little bit and to see her do so well and being able to go on tour and being able to see how she does things and see the reception she is getting and see what her live setup is like on the road and her being true to herself when she is writing, she really inspired me to write like that going forward.”

As we concluded our phone interview Taos gave us a few juicy details about his forthcoming project “Birthday Boy”, “Last year I was working on two projects at once and finally this one came together into a longer project, 10 songs and it’s called “Birthday Boy”. It was inspired last year kind of being down on your birthday. At the time I was not in a great place and I was upset where I was in my relationship and also my career because it wasn’t moving as fast, so I kind of holed up and wrote this project.” This new project is distinctive from his previous work, he describes it as more “reflective”, “downtempo” and “emotional” with “weirder Alternative pop” sounds. “I’m really stoked about it! There is a couple more singles coming and then the project in February!”

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Photo courtesy of Aaron Taos