Los Angeles Based Jimmy Harry is a seasoned producer with a lengthy list of legendary music collaborations which includes Madonna, Britney Spears, Pink, Kelly Clarkson to his most recent productions for rising stars Lostboycrow and morgxn. Harry makes his much awaited return as his other artistic persona, Bonsai Mammal, an exhilarating side music project that has Harry exploring an unexpected music territory.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Harry amidst the release of his latest single “Like Water” featuring Lils from his forthcoming EP slated to release sometime next year. 

The beginning 

Bonsai Mammal was born when Harry began making tracks that wouldn’t fit with the projects of other artists he was working with. “You know I’ve been making records for a while for different people and you make songs that are maybe good songs but they are not right for the market, it doesn’t feel right for the record.” Harry describes how “messing around for fun” inspired this new project. “It was pretty much the motivation to have a place to put music that wouldn’t see the light of day unless I put it out.” 

For You and Like Water

Since his first self titled EP to his recent project, the tracks were made spontaneously, Harry recalls “some of the instrumental songs from the first EP. “I was messing around late at night,” he remembers thinking “I am doing something pointless but at least I’ll have some fun after awhile it felt like I’m doing this because no one is going to do these tracks.”

Bonsai Mammal’s first single, ”For You” was written while Harry attended a writing camp, “It was a song I felt I never really got.” He enlisted the help of a DJ group to create their own take of the track but it didn’t feel right. “I Merced this to come out the way I envisioned it to come out, I didn’t want it to have hard drops or anything.”

“Like Water” was a collaboration between Harry and frequent collaborator Lils, “I write a lot with Lily (Lils), we did a couple of Autograf songs together. We have a bunch of great unreleased songs together but I felt like they were her songs.” Harry ended up calling Lily to ask her if she wanted to write a Bonsai Mammal track and she immediately answered “hell yeah and it turned out amazing.”

“The track started off with me laying in bed, messing around with my laptop, I came up with most of the music, it was spontaneous. I had a bunch of tracks, I played a bunch of things to Lily and that was the one she picked. I went in and adjusted a few things and that was it.”

Harry hopes his listeners like the new Bonsai Mammal tracks, each possessing  intricate unique sounds not yet heard of before. “It’s kinda like a selfish party I’m doing what I’m feeling the music sounds like. It’s not pop, it’s sort of electronic.” It was their intention to create music that requires multiple listens to hear every sound, “Listen to the layers, we tried to make it as interesting as we could. It doesn’t sound like anything else.”


There are countless aspiring artists and producers out in the world, Harry offers some advice for those who wish to be part of the music industry. “A lot about being a good artist is being young and beautiful, cool and charismatic. There are many amazing artists that get by on that. It’s common these days. I think music is changing and technology makes it so that you know you are going to have to listen to a song that really resonates.” Harry emphasizes that on the producer side of things “holding yourself and making the best music in any situation that you can and being open with the artist you are working with, what they are trying to tell you and communicate.”

Collaboration is essential between both parties involved. “It’s a fine line because you have to do what you think is right but you also have to see it through their eyes and “hey we should try this” and maybe it’s against my instinct to want to do that. I always try to give the artist’s view a fair shot and say “ok let’s try this” and if I don’t feel right about it I go back and say ‘hey I gave it a shot but this is bothering me, I think we need to find a different way to do that’.” Lastly Harry further emphasizes the importance of being driven to grow and nurture your talents; “Keep on innovating, keep on listening to new music and aspire to better yourself.”

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Photo and Album Cover Credit: Mary Cupcake