Indie rock/pop band Sunbathers have been dropping music gems for quite some time, from their sentimental previous singles,”Sugar”, the catchy “Honeysuk” to their ultra popular single,”Intimacy”, the band has continued to display their unique artistry with a well balance of mesmerizing soundscapes and vulnerable storytelling.

We had the opportunity to chat with Sunbathers amidst the release of their latest single, “The Deep End” where we spoke their music beginnings, their music inspirations and their recording sessions of “The Deep End”. 

SR: What is your story?

Sunbathers: College brought Sean and Tim together, spending weekend nights playing acoustic guitar, learning covers by The Strokes and Phoenix. Over the course of some years we found the rest and moved into a house in DC. Some casual and loud music-making in that house grew into a more serious venture after realizing all we had in common, musically, spiritually, and aspirationally. We’ve been at it ever since. 

SR: Was there a particular moment you realized you wanted to become an artist/musician?

Sunbathers: It’s the dream you have as a kid. Ever since then, really. 

SR: Can you tell us about your songwriting process? Is there a constant order you follow or is it more unpredictable?

Sunbathers: Definitely unpredictable. We try to challenge ourselves to find inspiration anywhere, and make a point to accept new points of view, new production ideas–anything that will shake up the process. Challenges often beget the best results.

SR: What motivates you each day to continue creating music?

Sunbathers: It’s my favorite thing in the world. I snag inspiration from anything and everything each day. Some days I sit down with a guitar and pry out something I didn’t know was there to begin with. Other days I fall in love with a new song, or hear the world vibrate a certain note while I’m out riding my bike, or read the right passage in a book, and suddenly it comes flowing out and I pull out a voice memo on my phone and hit record. I think it’s crucial to follow inspiration whenever it hits. I’ve lost a few good melodies over the years just because I didn’t have a guitar on hand, or my phone nearby.

SR: What inspired the song “The Deep End”? What was the recording session Like?

Sunbathers: This song came about a bit differently than typical. A late-summer jam session with just 3 members of the band produced a loop of a demo that sounded very similar to the song you hear today. We all loved the feeling it captured and built this out little by little over several months. This is the first song we recorded the bulk of entirely on our own. We’re very proud of that. Of course, shout out to our producer, Donny, who always helps us take things to that next level. 

SR: What do you want your listeners to take away with them after listening to your music?

Sunbathers: Everyone’s experience is different. We hope, at the very least, that people feel something–good, bad, whatever. 

SR: What current artists are motivating you?

Sean: Musically, I’m motivated by really anything I’m listening to in the moment. Some artists I really love right now are Dua Lipa, Robyn, Brockhampton, serpentwithfeet, ’70s-era AC/DC, The Night Game, The Police, Deafheaven, Juice WRLD, Janet Jackson, No Rome, Miguel, BjORDAN, Oathbreaker, The 1975.

SR: What are the most challenging things about being an artist?

Sunbathers: Every aspect of it comes with challenges. From the business side to the inevitable writer’s block. It’s important to ride those challenges and push through; don’t let them knock the wind out of your sails.

SR: What advice would you give anyone who aspires to be an artist?

Sunbathers: Never sacrifice your vision for anyone. Stay true and pure to the art you want to create. 

SR: What is next for you?

Sunbathers: We’re in a writing and recording phase, spending time inward so we can come back into the world correct and fresh. New music is coming very soon. 

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Photo Credit: Shane Gardner