Alternative pop singer-songwriter Jordan Xidas may not be widely known yet but his dreamy emotive music will captivate anyone who listens to it. We had the amazing opportunity to chat with Xidas a midst of his latest single release, “Don’t Stop,” where we spoke about his childhood, his music beginnings, his songwriting process and among other topics. 


Xidas’ story starts with a music embracing household in Wilmette, Illinois. Growing up with two older brothers, his mom and his dad who were a part of the jingle industry. ”I grew up around music and watching my dad do it I’d always been singing in my car seat”. He experienced a moment of clarity of seeing the endless possibilities of becoming an artist by an early age. ”I remember singing some Britney Spears song in my parent’s bathroom when I was probably 5-years-old thinking, “Wow, I sound just like her. I could actually do this.” I think that narcissism has kept me going (laughs). But honestly I can’t recall ever feeling like I was supposed to do anything else. It’s definitely a calling.”

Xidas recalls asking for his own guitar at a young age, “I was seven and I asked for my own guitar and started writing little mini-songs. I continued writing and playing little shows for friends throughout middle and high school and when it was time to go to college I decided to follow my brother Niko out to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.” 

It was there where Xidas was hit with a wave of realization which led him to dropping out of school and begin working with his brother. ”I went to school there for a year and a half, wrote a lot of songs, took a lot of classes, came out to my friends and family, and realized that I was probably never going to use the degree I was going to school for. At the same time, my brother Niko decided he wanted to stop touring as a drummer and focus more on producing music. We had a lot of deep talks and epiphanies that year, I dropped out of school, he stopped touring, and we’ve been making music together ever since! It’s honestly been a perfect crossing of our paths. Working together has been a privilege that we hope to enjoy for years to come.”


Inspiration can hit artists in the most unexpected times, Xidas describes his own experience; “It’s pretty unpredictable. If I’m sitting down to write, usually I’ll figure out some chords I like and then toy around with melody and words over them, but sometimes a melody comes randomly in the car, or I’ll just write to a beat I thump out on the table. Of course, I’m also writing down and recording little ideas I have on my phone throughout the day, but I think most of my best stuff happens when I can manage to just let the subconscious flow.”

Music can take many meanings for different artists and the daily motivation to keep creating it may vary: “First and foremost I love music and creating. Melodies, words, and chords feel natural and innate to me, and attempting to make great, honest music feels like the ultimate challenge of my life. I also love the way that music connects and affects us. Songs are such a great way to share narratives and feelings, and I see my narrative as one the world largely lacks. Artists like Sam Smith and Troye Sivan inspired me growing up because they represented me, and so I think just making the music and telling the stories I would have related to as a closeted gay kid motivates me. I want to make great art and help the world as much as I can.”

Don’t Stop

His newest single, “Don’t Stop” is not your typical love song, it’s a feel good gooey adventure that embraces new emotions and feelings. “‘Don’t Stop’ is a feeling more than anything. I wrote the song in a session with my friend Michael McEachern during my second semester of college and I remember it being a pretty exciting time. I’d come out just a few months prior and I guess I hadn’t really let myself crush on boys until then, so the feelings were new and and overwhelming and I think that inspired the song. It was the first time I’d written with a “track guy” and I remember being nervous, but Michael started playing those synth stabs and magic started happening. I remember singing the “na-na-na-na-na” for the first time felt like striking gold.”

Music is universally healing and can help listeners and artists alike to deal with life’s highs and lows, Xidas hopes his music can be relatable to his listeners and inspires them to go after their own dreams. “This music has seen me through the most liberating years of my life, so I’d say I hope to spread some of that liberation. Life is so short and we should spend it freely pursuing the people and passions our hearts gravitate towards. Each song tells its own story, though, so each one will have a different effect. I just hope it makes you feel something.”

Musical Inspiration 

Xidas finds motivation from many of his fellow artists from distinctive music spectrums; ”Obviously Troye Sivan is a living legend. Bazzi has been blowing my mind and “Mine” is monumental. Tove Lo’s an all time favorite, and I love SG Lewis. That dude is next level. Also Charlotte Lawrence, Jarryd James, Ryan Beatty, and Billie Eilish. Kay, I’m done.”

In a time where it’s normal to only show your best and most glamorous moments on social media, artists, as most people, deal with everyday challenges. In Xidas’ case, it’s staying inspired and thriving to do what he desires with what he has. ”I think the most challenging thing right now is trying to bring my vision to life on my own with limited resources. I often fantasize being able to do music videos where I get to be picky and artistic about the details. Not being there can feel a little frustrating, but it’s something to look forward to. It can also be difficult to stay inspired to write, but I’ve found taking breaks to live life and feed my extrovert helps.”

There are countless aspiring artists out in the world, it’s not an easy career path but if you chose to pursue it, Xidas offers this piece of an advice,”I had the privilege of speaking with two great songwriters when I moved to Nashville and they both told me to do what I tend to do as well as I can. It can be easy to fall into the trap of trying to do something because its trendy or because it’s what we think other people will like, but an artist has their own sense of style and has taken the time to explore and develop and figure out who they are and what they like. So, explore yourself, trust yourself, and rely on your instincts. And stand for something bigger than yourself. The world already has too many artists motivated by ego. These are all things I try to remind myself often.”

As we concluded our chat, Xidas teased about what is next for him and dropped a hint of possible new music coming soon, “Well, tomorrow I’m cleaning two airbnbs, and then sometime in the next month or two I think I’ll release another song. You’ll definitely want to stay tuned!!”

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Photo Credit: Megan Xidas