It’s been a busy week for Kim Namjoon (RM) of BTS as he kicked off the week by dropping his soul bearing mini album, Mono, along with the music video for the closing track, “Forever Rain.”

In an interview where he discusses the album, Namjoon mentioned he didn’t it release he lyrics to the tracks because he wanted listeners to make their own conclusions as to what the songs said just going off the melody and how it made them feel. However, over the next two days he dropped lyric videos for “Seoul” and “Moonchild,” two of the most beloved and heart touching songs.

The entire album is filled with greatly melodies, lyrics and collaborations that showcase that Namjoon is not just an “idol,” but s bonefish lyricist, producer and music engineer as he wrote abs produced all 7 tracks himself.

Take a look at the lyric videos above and below and be sure to stream and buy Mono, you won’t regret it.