Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Lostboycrow is ready to invite the world to join him on his remarkable new music journey where he fearlessly exposes himself as an artist and human being. Recently, Lostboycrow released his new single titled “Since The Day I Was Born” from his forthcoming sophomore album, “Santa Fe”, an enchanting, uplifting anthem that finds the lost boy at his most sincere yet.

We had the pleasure to chat with the multi-faceted artist about the songwriting process of “Since The Day I Was Born”, the video inspiration for the accompanying music video in addition to some insightful details of the making of “Santa Fe” the album. 

“Since The Day I Was Born”

This new era finds Lostboycrow exploring uncharted music territory with new stories told in a very distinctive way yet not explored before. While his tight knit fan base is accustomed to his ever evolving artistry, it was essential for his first single off the new album to be an easy listen for a first time listener. “It was very important to me that the first song people hear off this album encompass what ‘Santa Fe’ meant to me and where it brought me as a musician and as a human being.” Lostboycrow further emphasizes that both new and old fans alike will enjoy the new journey, “The fun part will be getting lost with each other all over again when the rest of these songs come out.”

The track “Since The Day I Was Born” was completed after most of the “Santa Fe” album was made in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Lostboycrow admits the track was  an easy one to create “Some songs feel more effortless to get into than others but I try not to think in terms of singles during the creative process.” Lostboycrow went back to the studio with one of his key producers, Marø to record the track. “I recorded it just after returning from Santa Fe where most of the album was conceived. We had been able to get a real feel for where we wanted to album to live sonically and lyrically at that point so it felt like a natural sort of anthem reflecting on everything we had uncovered in the process thus far.”

Santa Fe – The Album

Lostboycrow admitted he desired to do a new album that showcased his own artistic evolution that was an unmistakable contrast from his concept heavy debut album“Traveler.” “Each time I make a body of work my only real goal is to discover who I am becoming and look deeply through the lens of where I am and who is in my life at that time. whether its reflective or hopeful or both, how do I see the world now at this moment? That being said, above all else I wanted “Santa Fe” to be an undeniable pivot in a very different direction – sonically, lyrically, visually…”

Lostboycrow is known for his intricate vulnerable storytelling bleeding with open interpretation and diverse soundscapes. “I just wrote down what was waiting to get out.” Lostboycrow expresses that careful balance of honesty and mystery is essential to create a unforgettable song, “I do believe any great song has an almost inexplicable balance of both complete vulnerability and mysticism. you want people to feel like they’re getting to know themselves by getting to know such specific moments of you – and with that, allow them to color in most of the songs themselves. Thats the way it will mean the most, if the listener has to connect the dots on their own.”

The Music Video

A few days ago, Lostboycrow released his accompanying music video for “Since The Day I Was Born”, the video is an astonishing homage to his music origins using symbolic imagery and body movements to express his gratitude to his past. Lostboycrow teamed up with friend and video director Jade Ehlers to create the fascinating visual. “The concept and direction came from a dear friend and former roommate of mine, Jade Ehlers. We have such an elaborate history together as someone who really helped and encouraged me to start releasing music in the way that I am now, it felt right to be back dreaming a bit together. I think because of that there was just a lot good feelings on set, great crew as well.” The video features some amusing scenes including air drumming which Lostboycrow insists as a blast to shoot. “Im not a drummer by any means so it was extremely fun to pretend to be one but for a moment.”

The video’s only shared similarity with the song is to both invite the listeners and viewers to interpret their own meaning. Lostboycrow shares that it was important for him to make a video that was thought provoking and equally positive.”I think this one was more about being as vulnerable and comfortable as the song itself and having that be the story opposed to some other narrative to go along with the song and have a deeper meaning. i think the song, even with the video is still very open to the listener and viewer.” Lostboycrow hopes that his listeners can learn more about themselves through his music and videos. 

It is an exciting time for new and long time Lostboycrow fans alike. The era of “Santa Fe” has just commenced full of promises of unforeseen music experimentations and devastatingly emotive stories. Lostboycrow spilled a few secrets about the immediate future at the end of our chat, the promise of at least two more promotional singles. “The first song I wrote for the album, followed by “Santa Fe”” and a possibility of live shows; “hopefully many shows of songs people have never heard live before.”

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Photo Credit: Rachel Knobloch