Los Angeles based singer – songwriter Kelsy Karter is bound to turn the music world upside down with her daring stories and her electrifying rock n roll. The New Zealand born Karter is coming in the music scene like a enchanting vortex of confidence and swagger, captivating everyone who crosses her path. 

We had the amazing opportunity to chat with Karter about her inspiration of her latest single,”God Knows I’ve Tried”, her songwriting  and how to live life by your own rules.

SR: What is your story?

KK: Hello. I’m Kelsy Karter. Singer, songwriter, rebel. 

SR:How would you describe your music style?

KK: Blue eyed rock&roll. 

SR: Does being a female artist motivate you to speak on everyday emotions females deal with in your songwriting?

KK: Yes but I think all artists are motivated to speak on their issues, male or female. But in today’s day and age as a woman who isn’t afraid to be herself, I have a responsibility to speak up on what I believe in. 

SR: Can you describe your songwriting process?

KK: It differs from Song to Song, depending what space I’m in or who I’m writing with. Sometimes it’s just me sitting with a guitar at home pouring my heart out and sometimes there’s 4 people in a room and we start with a wicked guitar riff. 

SR: What inspired your new single, “God Knows I’ve Tried”? What was the recording sessions like?

KK: I’ve always loved the rush of trouble and doing what other people are too afraid to do. And that has gotten a lot of people hurt. I am better in Song than I am in regular conversation so this was kind of like my apology letter. 

SR: What do you want your listeners to take with them after listening to your music?

KK: I’m all about embracing who you are 100% and I believe in living by your own rules. That’s rock&roll to me. I have my own set of rules that I set for myself and those are the ones I don’t break. I want kids to feel freedom in being and living how they truly want to. And I want them to fall in love and have their hearts broken all at the same time. 

SR: What current artists are motivating you?

KK: Harry styles. The strokes, Queen, the struts, Rolling Stones. 

SR: What are the most challenging things about being an artist?

KK: For me it’s not getting in my own way. 

SR: Do you have any pre rituals before performing a live set?

KK: Talk to my dad. He always says this one thing to me that amps me up!

SR: What advice would you give anyone who aspires to be an artist?

KK: Work harder than anyone else and go left when everyone else goes right. 

SR: What is next for you?

KK: Finishing up my first record. Rocket-ship is being fueled and we getting ready for take off baby!

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