London based Hard rock band, KilliT has been bringing their rare brand of rock n roll to the music masses for quite sometime. Armed with electrifying guitar riffs and relatable songwriting with a modern vocal delivery, the 5 piece band is bound to soar beyond their tight knit rock fanbase and reach listeners worldwide. We had the pleasure to chat with KilliT’s Claire Genoud ahead of their latest music video “Waiting For The Day” release, where we spoke about their music influences, tour rituals and songwriting. 

SR: What is your story?
CG: My name is Claire, I play guitar in the band KilliT. I joined the band in April 2017, after having met Geos the previous bassist at a gig a few months before that. We’re based in London but are quite an international band, as we’ve got members from Hungary, Israel, and Switzerland. The band was formed in late 2015 by Niro Knox (lead guitar) and Pete Jean (drums).

SR: How would you describe your music style?
CG: I describe our music as Hard rock with a modern twist! It’s mainly guitar based, loads of groovy riffs, with melodic and modern rock vocals on top.

SR: What artists/ bands have been your biggest influence or inspiration?
CG: Personally, my ultimate favourite band is AC/DC so they inspire me a lot in my playing. Another common influences we have are bands like Guns N Roses or Pantera. We’re 5 rockers but everyone with different influences, which makes things more interesting.

SR: Can you describe your songwriting process?
CG: Niro has usually loads of riffs, and brings them to the rehearsal space where we all jam together and arrange the song until we’re happy with the final results!

SR: What do you want your listeners to take with them after listening to your music?
CG: There is no after-music, music is now and always.

SR: Do you have any pre rituals before performing a live set?
CG: We always travel together to places we play and I guess the Spinal tap-esque process to get the 5 of us there alive and on time brings us together in a very special way!! Follow us on FB for concrete video examples.

SR: What advice would you give to anyone who aspires to be an artist/musician?
CG: If you really want it, you’ll get it! Use the negative energy of negative people to give you the fuel to prove them wrong and make something good out of it.

SR: What can we expect next from you?
CG: We’re touring the UK in October with Diamond Head, so catch up on the road. We’ve also got 2 brand new singles to be released in the next few weeks, and are currently in the process of writing and recording our second album.

Catch all the latest news on KilliT on their Official website and catch them on tour!