Indie Retro Pop duo WHOAA is injecting their own unique brand of pop to the music world. Their latest release,”Candy Love” with accompanying enchanting music video is a positive anthem anyone can relate to. The video features the talented duo sporting flashy 80s inspired outfits with bold dance moves in an overflowing bright and bold 16 bit world. We recently spoke with the group about their music style, writing and filming a music video for “Candy Love,” amongst other things. 

SR: What is your story?
WHOAA: First off, WHOAA is an acronym for WHEN. HEARTS. OPEN. AND. ATTRACT! Hailing from Cincinnati, OH and Atlanta, GA respectively, female vocalist “Ring” and rapper “Dolla” collectively make up the group WHOAA (pronounced WHOAA!). Female vocalist Ashley Ring aka Ring is a fiery blonde, pop-rock diva with a strong vocal edge often likened to Teena Marie and who was previously signed to Cash Money Records/Universal Republic. The other half, Dolla, is a genre-defying lyricist with retro 80s “funk” flair, weaving Hip-Hop and Pop.

Resurrecting that “Retro” image and energy of the Golden Era of Pop Music, WHOAA’s larger than life stage persona and genre defying music, has given them stark comparisons to a modern day Rick James and Teena Marie meets the “Black Eyed Peas”. Formed in 2015 after a breakthrough studio appearance, this duo prides itself on music with a dynamic blend of Top 40 / Urban with a “Retro-pop” flair. Equipped with a highly energetic stage performance, this eye-catching duo has a commercially sensible image to go along with their throwback sound. WHOAA aims to “Bring back that feeling that is missing in today’s Music scene” Says “DoLLA” of WHOAA.

SR: How would you describe your music style?
WHOAA: Our style is very intertwined! Both of us are inspired by many different types artists! I would say Retro Pop Music with a Funky Pop / Hip Hop undertone that has mainstream sensibilities! It is very hard to really categorize our style as we pull from Pop , Rock . Hip Hop , Funk and RNB musical styles! 

SR: What is the story behind “Candy Love”? What was the recording session like?
WHOAA: Candy Love is ALL ABOUT LOVE! We say LOVE 43 times! Catch the vibe ??! For us it is really an anthem about not giving up ! Even when times are tough, you just gotta PUSH THROUGH! If your true core is love that is way easier and sweeter than having hateful energy in your core! The sessions for Candy Love were just amazing! The energy flowing between us and our producer of the track, Nick Fury, in the room was very electrifying!  Everything came together so effortlessly and we hope that when people hear the song they also have that uplifting positive energy hit them! 

SR: What inspired the music video concept for “Candy Love” and what was the filming process like?
WHOAA: Shooting with our director Mike of IAMEYEPHOTOS is always such a Fun, Great Vibe and High energy time.  His directing style blends very well, perfectly with our colorful sounds and fun vibe. We discussed the treatment and ideas –  The video was filmed entirely on Green screen…  It was up to us, to get in full WHOAA Mode, Costumes and all… Find some cool characters to add in ! the ALIEN, WHITE RABBIT, JIMI HENDRIX and others.  Then Mike – made the magic happen in edit, where he fully immersed us into a 16 bit – world. 

SR: Was it important for you to create a video as adventurous and positive as the track itself?
WHOAA: Yes! It was very important to us that seeing the video made you feel the same way as you do when hearing the song! We wanted the video to be fun, creative, different and showcase our free spirited personalities! There are many different things going on in the video so you really have to watch it a few times to really see what all is going on! 

SR: What do you want your listeners to take with them after seeing the music video?
WHOAA: We want our listeners to SMILE after seeing this video and also we want them to know that the core of everything is LOVE. 

SR: What can we expect from you next?
WHOAA: We are about to release a new song and video  titled “Crusin”! We have a lot of content and we are really building everything right now! Within the next few months everyone is gonna be seeing and hearing a lot more from WHOAA! We have been working really hard and we are just excited to continue to share our love and build with our supporters! 

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