Pop singer-songwriter Emily Vaughn is reaching new artistic heights with her latest new single titled “Say The Word,” featuring singer Lostboycrow. The track contains a thumping luscious soundscape courtesy of music producer Gazzo and a charismatic vocal delivery by Vaughn as she sings about the complex layers of love and longing. The track is a head bopping, upbeat pop journey with plenty of delicate harmonies between Vaughn and Lostboycrow. “Say The Word” is destined to cement Vaughn as a force to be reckoned with in the pop music world.

We had the pleasure to chat with Vaughn about her inspiration behind “Say The Word” and her experience of writing and collaborating with Gazzo and Lostboycrow among many other things.

SR: With “Say The Word”, the soundscape is immensely intricate and more savory than your previous releases, was it your intention or did it just happen that way?
EV: I wrote “Say The Word” over a year ago, and I remember hearing the demo back for the first time and having an “Oh, yes” moment. It’s intentionally a little bit brighter and upbeat because it’s actually one of my only love songs.

SR: Were there any particular artists you were listening to while making the new track? There is a memorable Frank Ocean mention in the song, are you a Frank Ocean fan?
EV: So I actually left the second verse unwritten because I thought it’d be fun to do a collaboration on it. I texted it to LBC asking if he wanted to write the second verse and was super excited about it. Obviously, he killed it. So, to answer your question, I AM a Frank Ocean fan but I didn’t influence that lyric!

SR: “Say The Word” features fellow alternative pop/ r&b singer Lostboycrow, Did you go in the studio with a pre conceived idea that the track would be a collaboration between the two of you?
EV: Oops I accidentally just answered that in the last Q, didn’t I? I went in the studio with the intention of writing for myself, but after hearing the demo I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity for a duet with an artist I love!

SR: What was the songwriting and recording sessions like for “Say The Word”? Was it a unique experience from a previous sessions? If so, how?
EV: I started from scratch with this one. I went to the studio that day with no concept or idea of what I wanted to write about. Gazzo, the producer of “Say The Word”, started playing chords that inspired me so much that all the lyrics and melodies happened so fast I could barely keep up with them. We left the studio with the demo sounding like a finished product in a few hours. Gazzo is incredible at that.

SR: Was there a particular moment where you felt “Say The Word” was a song you wanted to be officially released as a single?
EV: Funny story, I actually wanted to drop it last fall, but I decided to put out “Over That” instead because “Say The Word” felt like a summer song. I’ve been sitting on it forever and been dying to put it out. I’m so so happy that it’s finally out in the world!

SR: What would you like your listeners to take away from listening to the song?
EV: I think the song can be fun if you’re falling in love, already in it, crushing hard, or single and hopeful for romance. It gives me that “first love” feeling and I hope it makes everyone feel a little spark.

Singer Lostboycrow added some insight about his experience working on “Say The Word”,

“Gazzo and Emily are very talented and had a pretty clear vision of what the song was before I brought my water bottle and Frank Ocean references into the mix. It freed me up in a way to just write where the song was already flowing, lyrically and melodically.”

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