Welcome to the newest edition of Music Monday featuring three artists who have released their latest captivating new tracks.

Singer-Songwriter and Producer K. Roosevelt has been buzzing through the music sphere for quite sometime. Best known for his critically acclaimed mixtapes, RoseGold and Journey in addition to his debut full length album Neon Haze, the LA artist recently released his newest self titled song collection. One of the stand out tracks of the project is the mesmerizing “Out On The Road”.

The multi talented artist continues to create music genre bending songs with his latest, flawlessly marrying his experimental electronic soundscapes and sentimental stories, resulting in an unforgettable mixture of innovative R&B and soul much needed in the music world.

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Singer-songwriter Appleby is a refreshing artist who creates music that speaks on the rare spoken everyday human emotions. He stole my attention on the first time I ran into his new track,”Like U” from his latest Project titled “Happiness”. The incredibly touching song tells a story of self discovery and self acceptance.

Appleby is an essential artist in a generation obsessed with the smoke and mirrors of the social media and the accompanying pressures of presenting yourself to the world as perfect, when in reality we all struggle with our self identities and insecurities, Appleby exposes his own journey inspiring a sense of community to all of his listeners that can relate.

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Josie Moon is bound to capture her listeners with her refreshing new take on pop music. Her irresistible intricate soundscapes and relatable storytelling create a highly addictive brand of indie pop. Her newest single,”After Hours” tells a story about being lonely and the accompanying consequences of meeting people on a night out.

The track will have her listeners intrigued to learn more about what Josie Moon is all about. If this is any indication of what is to come, her future looks infinitely bright.

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