Singer-Songwriter Emily Vaughn has been gracing her listeners with new tracks from her abrupt release of her demo album titled “Miss U” exclusively on her SoundCloud page to her newest single, ”Strangers,” which goes well beyond all of our expectations.

A few months ago, in our interview Vaughn disclosed a lot of new music was to be rolling out throughout the rest of the year. As promised, “Strangers” is an instant bop as Vaughn’s vulnerable side is uncovered completely.

Armed with a savory percussion heavy production by artist and producer Dr. Chaii, Vaughn soars beyond her usual sassy musical heights to a much grander scale of club pop banger territory. The songwriting in “Strangers” flexes Vaughn’s skills as a storyteller as she paints an accurate picture of the nostalgia of a past relationship. Holding on to hope with the help of time and space that a future reunion may rekindle their relationship but as reality sets in, there is an instant realization that it is impossible and you are virtually strangers.

As Vaughn continues to explore her many facets of her own brand of pop, she will undoubtedly have fans enamoured with her bold and unapologetic approach to pop music for many years to come.

Listen to “Strangers” below:

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