England born singer-songwriter Hannah Featherstone recently released her new album titled Word Bound, an intricate musical journey marrying her many influences from Gospel, Electronic, Jazz to a highly addictive blend of her own brand of soul pop music.

Featherstone, who was raised in France, experiments with many intriguing piano based soundscapes and dreamy vocal deliveries in such tracks like “As I AM”, “Milk and Honey” and “What’s In A Name”. The album provides many funky grooves with “Sunshine”and “Down on my Knees” displaying Featherstone’s infinite versatility.

Word Bound is a roller coaster ride filled with thrilling twists and turns. Featherstone is an artist unafraid to explore uncharted territory and create music that is spellbinding and refreshing.

In collaborating with young French music producer Estienne Rylle and with established drummer David Allevard, Hannah Featherstone has developed a subtle and powerful electro backdrop for her pop-jazz

Listen to Hannah Featherstone’s Word Bound album below:

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