Electronic New Wave artist, The New Division has been bringing his unique brand of dark pop to the masses for quite sometime. The LA based artist and his band kicked off their new artistic era early this past spring with new single, “One Night in Tokyo” which was previously featured on our Music Monday feature.

We recently had a chat with The New Division about the making of his newest EP titled “Fader” in addition to his musical influences and his advice for any aspiring artists out there.

SR: What is your story?
TND: Ah let’s see… Well, The New Division is an electronic project of mine that I’ve been working on for the past 8 years or so. I’m based out of LA, music is my passion and we’re going on a US tour later in July, which I’m very excited about!

SR: How would you describe your music style?
TND: It’s definitely a blend of electronic with some rock elements. It’s not completely one or the other, but probably more electronic than rock. It’s also got some pop elements so, but overall I’d say the music is a dark type of pop.

SR: What song from the  “Fader” EP is your favorite and why?
TND: I think it’d be either “Signs” or “One Night In Tokyo” – I just really love the atmosphere that was captured on both sogns, sonically and lyrically.

SR: What inspired the songs from the “Fader” EP? What were the recording sessions like?
TND: A lot of things inspired it – mainly the combination of watching some noir styled movies with some late night laptop jams. I write everything from the QWERTY keyboard, so it’s really quite mundane if one were to watch it in action. Most of the recording sessions were just me in my home studio, occassionally friends would come over and help out with a few things here and there. It’s not super glamaorous but its how the job gets done.

SR: What do you want your listeners to take with them after listening to the Fader EP?
TND: Hopefully a great experience that’s both sonic and emotional in nature. Obviously, it’d be great for them to feel what I felt when I made them and first heard them complete but that’s a bit of a tall order, isn’t it?

SR: What current artists are motivating you?
TND: It’s hard to say to be honest, I tend to gravitate towards a lot of older records that I grew up with. I’m currently writing a new album so I try to listen to what got me into music in the first place when I was younger. But a few current artists I’d recommend checking out are Trade Secrets (F.J. DeSanto, who helped co-produced this FADER spearheads this project), Oneohtrix Point Never, Colder, Ulrich Schnauss, etc.

SR: What are the most challenging things about being an artist?
TND: Being constantly creative and innovative. It can get really stressful trying to come up with new ideas and reinventing yourself but it’s also what makes it interesting.

SR: What advice would you give anyone who aspires to be an artist?
TND: I’d say its important to know for sure its what you want to do and start out early doing it. A lot of people talk about doing music or art and they never get around to it due to whatever career choices they pick. It’s important that if you want to balance out work life with art life that you pick a job that will give you some time to tour, make your art, etc.

SR: What is next for you?
TND: We’ve got a tour coming up in July which I’m really excited about. Aside from that, finishing this new record is on the top of my list.

Listen to The New Division’s “Fader” EP below:

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