As Christina Aguilera prepares to debut her newest album, Liberation, next Friday, she’s making rounds to hype it up. Something she didn’t do enough of for her previous album.

This morning Aguilera dropped by Beats1 to chat with Zane Lowe about another one of her songs off the album, “Like I Do” featuring Goldlink.

This song find Christina at her flirtiest as she croons over high flutes and electronic synth. Goldlink opens up the track with a poetic verse about how he feels unstoppable when he’s around his own lover. “Coexisting, you the moon, I’m the sun. “Genie in my bottle/I’m trying to rub on your hips/Ain’t no other man who can talk to you like I did,” he raps on the first verse. Aguilera volleys back, “been doing this way before you” and that she “don’t need your little money.” The self-assured track has her offering “we can Marvin Gaye and get it on” during the track’s pre-chorus.

Liberation will be released on June 15th. The album is already an eclectic mix of styles from Aguilera, from the rousing hip-hop-leaning “Accelerate” to the emotive ballad “Twice” This fall, Aguilera will embark on her first tour in a decade.