London based 3 piece band KIN was recently featured in our Music Monday feature and today, they release their newest single titled ‘Treeline’, the second in a run of releases every month until the end of the year.

The dog is about “the difficult nature of truth””If the dreamer dies / then tell me, does the dream live on?” KIN pensively ask on ‘Treeline’ – the trio’s expansive, second release. Showing another side to their songwriting prowess – the band’s grandiose instrumentation remains, evolving this time with an anthemic, towering, piano-led chorus.

For fans of Mew, Sigur Rós, and Explosions In The Sky – KIN’s music is gorgeously orchestrated. From the exquisitely performed vocals, to the carefully paced rhythm section; its high-reaching synths and electronics, partnered with intricate guitar turns make for a stunning combination.

In 2017, after meeting and collaborating on a number of musical projects, Billy, Tom and Tommy (KIN) decided to get together and write some music with no intention other then to enjoy the process of creating something new.

Wanting to get away from the distractions of London, they booked a cottage on a windswept hill in Wales and set up a studio to see what they could come up with. A wintery, rain soaked week later, they emerged with 10 tracks, all written, recorded and produced at the cottage. These songs will be released, one a month, during 2018.

All experienced musicians in their own right, this trip was a process of bringing together their collective talents – to see what they could create in a week long period.

In order to realise their lofty ambitions for this new project – the three piece set up their own studio in an unusual setting – free of interruptions. The solitude offered up something of a songwriting sanctuary.

Speaking a little more on the recording process, the band said: “Writing in the cottage in Wales was a really beautiful experience. There was no phone signal or internet, no noise limitations or distractions, and no preconceived idea of what the music should sound like; we just wrote what we wanted to hear.”

‘Treeline’ finds the indie band at their most experimental yet, with a grand cinematic soundscape blended with haunting, distorted sound effects as the vocals ascend from it’s calming beginnings to a much bolder vocal delivery towards the middle of the track. The story being told takes the listener on a unexpected roller coaster ride of twists and turns. When the track concludes the listener is left with a feeling of pure exhilaration.

The remainder of the 10 tracks will be released over the coming 9 months, with live shows and more to be announced very soon.

Listen to Treekine NOW!

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Photos courtesy of Propeller Records