We are excited to bring you our latest music video premiere featuring Indie folk pop singer-songwriter Kris Angelis’ video for “Photobooth”. The lovely music visual is the latest from Angelis’ forthcoming EP, Pieces That Were Stolen available on August 3rd (Pre-Order Here).

The nostalgia inducing music video features vastly romantic scenarios of unforgettable moments of a past relationship while cleverly using a universally loved photobooth to convey the sentiment of remembrance of the good times.

“I wanted the video to go with the nostalgic happy memories feeling of the song and explore the idea that a whole beautiful world and life could be lived in a few moments captured in a photo booth. So, I created a fantasy world inside the photo booth using stop motion because I liked the idea of a video for a song called “Photobooth” being made up of a bunch of photos,” explains Kris. “Then there are other parts that show up moving inside of the pictures. My twin sister Alix Angelis came up with that idea. She directed and edited along with me and I had my good friend Camron Robertson as the handsome fellow. He was also in my Kevin Bacon: music video. I’m very fortunate to have so many talented friends and people around me who came together and helped make this happen on my indie budget.”

We caught up with the marvelous singer-songwriter for a Q&A about the making of “Photobooth” and got details on the filming of the music video.

SR: What inspired the song “Photobooth”? What was the recording session like?
KA: “Photobooth” is about how a moment with all of it’s imagined futures can be captured in a photo and then that’s all it is. The song is a nostalgic look at a night I thought was going to be the beginning of something but it turned out to be the end. The recording session with Billy Lefler was a lot of fun! He added some great percussion that drives the song and we did live handclaps and I love how it turned out!

SR: How did the video concept for “Photobooth” come about? What was the experience the filming of the video like?
KA: I liked the idea of the video being made up of photos so I wanted to do some stop motion. I used that to make the fantasy world that a blooming love can create inside the photobooth. I had so many wonderful people donate their time and skills to making it and it was a lot of fun! I got to work with one of my good friends, Camron Robertson again. He was also in my “Kevin Bacon” video. Basically I got to try new things surrounded by my friends.

SR: The music video features a wide range of unique video scenes featuring black and white moments, stop motion scenes and a scene where you are looking at your reflection in the mirror with a photo strip
displaying memories, was it your preconceived intention to represent each memory with a different visual style for the video?

KA: Not at first, at first I thought it would be all stop motion and more of the fantasy world but soon realized that would take way to long so my sister and I came up with more of a story and it was her idea to put the footage inside the photobooth frame which I think came out really fun looking!

SR: Have you ever used a Photobooth before? If so, can you tells us about an unforgettable memory you had from using a Photobooth?
KA: Yes! I’ve always thought they were really fun and romantic. The night that I wrote the song about is one and the song tells that story. Another was at a friend’s wedding that was Gold Rush themed and I was with my boyfriend who was all dressed up in 1940’s attire and I was wearing a gold dress and gold shoes. I was the gold and we did a cute, funny series where he was looking for me and “found” me.

Watch the music video for “Photobooth” below:

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