Welcome to the newest edition of Music Monday! This edition features three multi-faceted artists who have recently released their newest singles speaking on relatable stories on everyday worries.

The name Van Bellman may not sound familiar to you yet but once you give a listen to the artist’s first single,”I Hate To See You This Way,” it will have you obsessed and craving to learn more about Bellman.

Van Bellman is the new music moniker of Brooklyn based musician and American Authors’ guitarist Zac Taylor. The bluesy rock track has a relatable story about witnessing a loved one’s self destruction, interwoven with a skilled guitar solo and “too cool for you” swagger filled vocals in the sizzling rock and roll soundscape.

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British singer-songwriter, James Arthur makes his much awaited return to the music scene with his newest single, “You Deserve Better”.

The thumping uptempo track finds Arthur at his most confident yet. While the track tells the story of Arthur confessing to his lover of not being worthy of their love. The shimmy inducing guitar tinged track highlights the infinite versatility of his vocal range. The multi dimensional pop track is the perfect blend of dance pop and soul to meant to catch the ear of long time and new fans alike. ”You Deserve Better” is bound to be played at parties all summer long.

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Florida born singer-songwriter Priscilla Renea is a seasoned storyteller who has lent her songwriting skills to a colorful mixture of artists such as Pitbull, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna and Rihanna amongst others. Renea is ready to branch out on her own terms and share her own personal stories growing up with her new single, “Let’s Build a House”.

“Let’s Build a House” is the fourth single from Renea’s forthcoming new album titled, COLOURED. The track is a thrilling roller coaster ride oozing her emotive country influences as the track ascends to it’s powerful conclusion. Her storytelling abilities soars to new vulnerability heights as she speaks about searching for a sanctuary during her childhood a mist of the chaos surrounding her. Renae not only is breaking down musical stereotypes but she is also paving the way for female artists out there to be true to yourself.

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