Singer-Songwriter Emily Vaughn has been bringing her gutsy indie pop for a number of years now. From her earliest singles,”Hollow”, “Better Off” to her most recent singles,”Over That” to “Room Service”, Vaughn oozes female empowerment with her vulnerable song lyrics about unspoken emotions and situations on her shimmering pop soundscapes.

I had the grand opportunity to interview the ultra humble artist amidst her busy schedule of recording sessions. During our chat, we spoke about her songwriting process, the intriguing story behind her latest single,”Room Service”, why she feels it’s an important time for females in the music industry in addition to a few details about her forthcoming new single and a possible future EP release.

Free-Spirited Beginnings

Vaughn’s humble beginnings took place in the sunny state of Florida; “I grew up in Florida where there is no producers or a lot of creatives.” On the rare times Vaugh encountered one, she would immediately form a bond with them. “When you met one, you just cling to each other. My videographer I work with came out with me to LA and we met in Orlando.”

From an early age, Vaughn was exposed to music from her mother who was a pop singer when she was her age. “It’s funny. I was always in plays and musicals and had instruments in my house. I just grew up in a free spirited environment.” Vaughn went on to explore various art forms including photography and songwriting, “I did photography, I did music, anything to do to be creative.”

A year after graduating high school she decided to attend a music school where she would perfect her songwriting and music making skills. It was during this period of her life Vaughn began to realize she needed to learn about the ins and outs of the music industry. ”I kind of realized I was going in and writing all this music and wanting to put it out but I wasn’t connected to producers. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know what the industry was like at all.”

Vaughn began traveling to Los Angeles from Florida to gain the knowledge she seeked which would lead into her making a life changing decision. “I realized I could stay in Florida and keep going to school for music or I could just get out and actually pursue doing it.” Vaughn choose the latter and moved to LA permanently.

Female Empowering Pop

Vaughn’s brand of pop music can be described as unapologetic sassy pop or as she calls it “bitchy pop”, the kind that will have any female listeners applaud her for speaking on the truths every day women face everyday. Vaughn is a rare artist, she is an avid feminist that uses her music platform to encourage her fellow female artists to unite and continue breaking down all the double standards set by the music industry. “Music is my number one outlet, it’s my voice and my heart on things,” Vaughn explains. “So it is interesting being a woman in the music industry and watching other female artists shown being taken advantage of and doing things to get ahead because they feel they need to.” However, Vaughn remains positive, “It’s very inspiring that there’s a lot of walls, I feel like, are being broken down for women right now. With the Me Too movement and everything, it’s a hard time to be a woman in this industry but it’s also an exciting time. I believe this is the best time for women in the music and we are actually breaking through right now.”

Room Service & Songwriting

Earlier this spring, Vaughn released her deliciously sultry track, “Room Service”. The story behind the track involved watching her guilty pleasure, TV show Gossip Girl. Vaughn recalls that night vividly, “I was literally laying on my couch, drinking wine, watching Gossip Girl by myself. The guy I was talking to at the time, was like ‘we should go out tonight'”. While the conversation was happening, Gossip Girl was on, with a scene that involved the main characters, Blair & Serena getting room service and Vaughn thought to herself, “Man I would love to get room service right now” and the inspiration for “Room Service” was born.

“I just had this idea that, moving around your perspective, you can kind of create whatever world you want with someone or by yourself.” Vaughn further explains, “I just started thinking back when you used to make your living room into like a fort and you pretend like you are somewhere else. You had that imagination and so why can’t you do it as an adult. So I had this whole idea of moving around the house with someone which is kind of my video concept too, if I ever execute it. So like, moving around the house with someone and making a fort and pouring champagne and ordering in and making it feel like room service without actually getting room service.” Vaughn went to the studio the next day with the whole idea, “it kind of happened within 30 minutes: lyrics, melodies.”

When it comes to songwriting, other times can be different. Vaughn says it can be tedious. “I can spend a long time finishing every single lyric and melody or I can walk into the studio and have a couple core ideas and we will build a song around that and the producer will start filling out the track and I will work on the lyrics and melodies and we will get a scratch vocal in. I it’s something we wanna finish, we go back in and finish it. Or sometimes it’s me just drinking wine alone in my room being emotional on my floor.”

Advice and What’s Next

Everyone knows being an artist can be filled with ups and downs but it is essential to keep working towards your dream, Vaughn offers her advice to the aspiring artists out there: “I would say to initially not worry about what anyone else is doing, going back to being inspired by people but not compare yourself to them. Having a general idea of what you want your sound to be and not being too hard on yourself when you don’t get where you wanna be when you think you should be there.” Lastly, Vaughn says, “Just working as hard as you can and being easy on yourself in the process.”

The summer promises to be memorable for Vaughn who has a forthcoming collaboration bound to be a summer bop. “I am going to do one more single that I’m really excited actually, that one features Lostboycrow.” She reveals the single is one of her most pop sounding tracks she has ever done. “It’s probably my most pop song. It’s funny because Lostboy is doing his cool urban thing and I’m like ‘Alright, we are going to do a really pop song together!’ It’s very summery and fun. It’s going to be a really fun song for the summer.” Vaughn also has a new project in the works; ”I put together an EP that I would love to get out, after that single comes out.” Vaughn tells me there is not a release date set yet for the single but in the meantime she will be busy finishing up the EP. As we reach the end of our phone call, Vaughn adds that there might be live shows in the near future. “Hopefully I will be going out on the road at the end of the year for it (in support of Upcoming EP), So I’m very excited!”

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