LA based Singer-Songwriter and Producer, Simone, recently dropped her excellent new single, “Little Bit”, and an exquisite and unique brand of pop was introduced to the world. The last time I spoke with Simone, we discussed her beginnings and the story behind her single, “Neon”. This time around, we had an in-depth interview conversation about her music making process, the twists and turns of being an independent female artist and producer among many other topics.

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Musical Growth

Simone has previously released a total of four singles, “Neon, “Carried Away”, “Daydreams” and “Ghost” in addition to her newest single, “Little Bit”. Simone mentions it was pre-planned to have four singles released following her single, “Ghost”, “When Ghost came out, I was thinking I wanna put out at least four singles in the next year. I accomplished that and it feels really good.” Her music has steadily evolved and include many different distinct soundscapes, “It’s definitely changing,” Simone further explains, “I really like so many different genres that I like to pull from. If it’s too much the same too often, I get a little bored with it. So with the newer material, I think it’s kind of showing a little bit more, I wouldn’t say quirky vibes but it’s definitely pop still, but a little bit jazzy vibes.”

When not working on her own music, you can find Simone listening to many different artists from Major Lazer, Diplo to Jazz legend Duke Ellington,” I listen to a lot of Duke specially on bad days.” She shares that she enjoys listening to acoustic, folk music to “turn my brain off”.

Little Bit

Earlier this spring, Simone dropped her electric single, “Little Bit,” which finds her at her most playful and experimental. Simone explains her intention was to bring the song to unseen artistic heights. “’Little Bit’ was meant to be kind of the next sequence after ‘Neon’, I think it has the same pop but I wanted to go slightly more absurd with it. Like make the production more crazy and the actual concept of the song is a little bit more crazy.”

The track contains an intriguing song production that perfectly highlights Simone’s relatable song lyrics. The inspiration behind the song is an interesting take on personal anxiety. “I wrote ‘Little Bit’ as basically a tribute to my own anxiety and to anxiety in general. It affects so many people and we are always hearing people struggling with stress and everyday worries.” She further clarified that she wanted to write a song where she was communicating to her own anxiety. “The lyrics are actually coming from the stand point of if you could talk to your anxiety, what would you say?”

From that one point on the song was finished fairly quickly. “I wrote out the full song, like every idea, every different part. The next day I put together the pieces that I wanted musically, it was a lot of fun.” With the help of her fiancé, Troy Tyrer, Simone spent the entire day mixing and finishing the production of the song.

The Twists and Turns of an Female Artist and Producer

While being an independent artist can present its own challenges in itself, being a female artist and producer is another beast infested with musical boundaries still waiting to be broken. Simone is focused in bringing the spotlight on the preconceived notions that female artists don’t produce their own music. “I think often times female artists kind of get boxed in and then there’s this idea that if you’re an artist that you are not writing your own material or if you are a female, you are not necessarily producing the tracks.” She emphasizes that it bothers her that it’s even an idea people have to fight against so often in the music industry. “With this project, I sort of set out to make sure that I’m the one writing and producing these tracks.” Simone shares that it’s essential for her to be a voice for others. “It’s important to be a voice for other female artists and producers to say you don’t always have to go with a million other people and ask them what their ideas are. It’s good to collaborate but it’s also good to have your own voice and to say this is exactly what I want to write, this is exactly what I want to produce musically.”

The life of an independent artist is filled with ups and downs, for Simone, one of the biggest challenges she faces is “finding a way to stay positive and hopeful even through the amount of rejection you might face at the beginning.” She further points out that “it’s really difficult to stay and remain hopeful everyday, finding that little sense of light inside of you to say ‘ok., this is what I’m doing because I can’t not do this’. And that’s the thing with me, I can’t just not do it, I have to do it even if it’s a struggle, even if it’s painful some days and the best part about it is while you are doing your thing, you feel 100 percent yourself.”

Advice and The Future

As we reached the end of our interview, Simone offered her own advice to anyone aspiring to be an artist or/and producer. “Find what makes you uniquely you. It’s ok to seek inspiration from other artists and try to incorporate those ideas on what you are making but always find the thing that makes it uniquely yours and not to be afraid of what it means for it to be uniquely yours.”

The rest of year is promising for the talented artist with more new music on the horizon. “I’m going to be releasing a couple of videos this summer. I have a couple of ballads coming out and those will be videos. I am really excited to share that side of my music.” Simone adds that there will be a couple of tracks where she collaborated with other artists and will be coming out soon in addition to an forthcoming EP release. “I would really like to put out an EP before the end of 2018 and hopefully we can do a music video for ‘Little Bit’ too.”

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