Philadelphia’s mystical music duo, NiGHTS, make their much awaited return with their latest offering, the feel good, “Eyes”. While the talented twosome are best known for their buttery electro-pop infused hip hop jams such as “Party”, “Wave” and breakout single,”Basic”, their newest single,”Eyes,” take their irresistible signature sound to the next level.

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“Eyes” flawlessly marries pop, hip hop and electronic music and creates a shimmering music canvas of intricate free spirited instrumentation. The song production features vibrant sounds of the beach from birds to waves as the sensual vocals stir their listeners away from their everyday worries and take them on a unexpected blissful trip to paradise.

As the track reaches mid point, the listener is transported to a secluded island with your significant other, drinks in hand, living in the moment. “Eyes” is not only incredibly catchy but it has a charming swagger embedded in each song note that will ultimately have you craving for more.

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