Welcome to the newest edition of Music Monday! This edition features four amazing new songs from three artists and one band that will have you playing the tracks on repeat all day.

LA based artist/photographer Easton Schirra recently released his debut single titled “Blue Love”. The track finds Easton bringing a new soulful brand of silky smooth R&B that infuses electronic pop sounds into a savour, cinematic soundscape.

Easton’s vocal range seduces your ears and immediately pulls you in the relatable story of the lyrics. “Blue Love” is an intriguing track that makes it’s listeners feel embraced by all complex emotions felt when drowning in love.

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It is quite rare to experience a track that takes you on a thrilling journey to the outer layers of our galaxy like KIN’s debut single, “Margins” does. The Wales based three piece band deliver a vivid music canvas of intricate instrumentation and out of this world falsetto harmonies that convey the raw heart-squeezing emotion in the song.

“Margins” is an unforgettable track that will have those who listen enamoured and left craving to hear more about KIN and their extraordinary music.

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Little Brother has been on my radar ever since his songs first started playing on a random playlist on my music stream apps. I immediately stopped what I was doing when I heard the track, “Even Try”, it was jaw dropping.

“Even Try” is the second track from his debut EP, Little Brother. The track has a hypnotic effect at first listen with it’s spacey ambient pop which highlights the sincere vocals singing the haunting lyrics. Coming from a family of artists, Little Brother carves out his own artistic path and excels effortlessly with a solid debut assuring a future of endless possibilities.

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New Jersey based singer-songwriter Donna Missal has been busy dropping music gems left and right from “Thrills” to her latest single, “Driving” with accompanying music video.

On “Driving”, Missal aims to empower her listeners as she breaks free from the barriers she has set for herself. In this day and age everyone is caught up on posting the perfect selfie which can lead you to get lost on the sea of insecurities. Armed with endless confidence, Missal takes on the challenge of breaking free with the perfect blend of vulnerability and fearlessness.

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