The buzz for Trevor Douglas has been building for a few years now. He is a multi faceted artist with capabilities beyond his years. Armed with a rich background in musical theatre and performing, in addition to possessing raw passion for songwriting, Douglas is bound to carve his own artistic path and inspire his listeners to embrace their own true selves

The Beginning

Douglas began his musical journey at a very young age: “I started making music when I was really young, 3 years old, I started on the violin.” He says after doing that for quite sometime, it sparked a newly found passion, Musical Theater. “I went to school for theater in middle school and high school.”

Douglas recalls during that particular period in time he began making pop music as a hobby and playing live shows frequently which ultimately led to an unexpected opportunity on the TV show, American Idol. “I just stumbled into American Idol. It was all a blur, I can’t believe it even happened.” He further comments that “I didn’t get far enough to get to the “Idol” floor.” While the opportunity on Idol didn’t work out, it did leave him with a sense of determination. “Ever since then Ive been getting super serious, teaching myself how to record and write better.”

The Music

Douglas’ music is a unique blend of Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes guitar based storytelling injected with his own vibrant energy oozing from every track. Douglas shares that having great songwriting is essential in his own music, “I like to have every song I do pass this acoustic test where If the song is not good on just the acoustic guitar and vocals, it’s probably not a good song.”

When Douglas made his latest single, “Pressure”, he made it on his own in his closet back home in Texas. “All the vocals, all of the guitar, synthetic instruments, I wrote the song around the hook.” Douglas confesses that during the making of the song, he realized that the storytelling doesn’t always have to about himself and his personal relationship, “I’m not always going to be heartbroken. I have been through phases in my life before, So I know what that is like. I brainstorm on how it feels like and things I could relate it to, places I have been that are similar and I could exaggerate it in my head what it would be like.” He further states that for him “songwriting is just being emotionally vulnerable, letting yourself feel these emotions to write about or I wouldn’t be able to write songs like ‘Pressure’.”

When Douglas is not releasing his own original music, he records and releases cover songs like Julia Michaels’ “Issues”, Drake’s “God’s Plan” and Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”. Douglas shares that he picks “current songs that are good and are going to be popular and people will find and bring them to my music.”

The Shows

After going on his own tour, Douglas got the opportunity to open on The Jonas Brothers and Hunter Hayes tours. He reflects on his experience; “I got on a side stage at a Jonas Brothers’ concert and it was awesome. It was incredible, it was a good way for people who hadn’t heard my music, hear it that way. I still get people saying “Oh my god Trevor I saw you at the Hunter Hayes concert, you are doing good” that makes me feel really good that people keep following me.”

Many artists have their own pre show rituals before their live shows, Douglas says his pre show ritual is “panicking and making sure everything is set up correctly”. He further clarifies that “I don’t really have the chance to be like “everything is set up now, it’s time to sit and relax until the other band goes on and then it’s time to set up Trevor”, I just go over my set and keep drinking water and I just to make sure that I have the right mind to go up there. I’m not one to get nervous on stage because I love going on stage.”

Advice & The Future

Being an artist is not an easy career and there are constant ups and downs. Douglas offers his advice for anyone who aspires to be an artist, “People get really nervous (on stage) and I try to tell people, if this is what you want to do then there’s no reason to be nervous about, being nervous will hinder you.” Douglas explains “It’s like if you want to be a soccer player, you don’t get nervous every time a soccer ball comes next to you or you wouldn’t do very good.” He adds that songwriting will provide you with longevity. “Songwriting is something that even if you stop doing your own music, so many artists like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Julia Michaels give songs to other artists, working on your songwriting is a huge advantage.” Lastly, he offers the most essential advice for anyone, “Not being a dxxk, It’s crazy how far you’ll get by being a good person and being respectful and appreciative of what you have.”

Douglas’ future seems infinite with his natural charm and talent to enamour his listeners. We conclude our interview with his upcoming plans. “I am working on a lot of different things, Ive been doing some songwriting sessions, I have some new songs I wanna be recording.” The Texas native is also planning to move to California and pick his next single that will “hopefully lead to an EP”. Douglas adds that he is working things on YouTube and is also starting on a “side project.” “I like trying to be funny, I am starting a “side project” of a joke musician who makes fun of certain types of people but it’s a parody.”

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