Screen Reels’ Artist Spotlight: Nick de la Hoyde

Australian based singer-songwriter/rapper Nick de la Hoyde released his latest single, the feel good,”Hold Me Close,” in addition to partnering up with Beats by Dre on the accompanying music video.

I had the grand opportunity to chat with the talented artist about his childhood dreams of become a professional football (Soccer) player which ultimately led him on the unforeseen path of discovering his greater passion for music.

SR: What is your story?
NDLH: From the age of like 9 I was all about football (soccer). It was my dream to become a professional football player and I worked so hard to do so. When I turned 15 I had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Spain to trial for a semi professional team over there. Long story short I signed and moved there with no family, friends or knowledge of how to speak Spanish.

After being away some time I started a journal where I would write down my thoughts and feelings as a bit of a stress relief and eventually I began to turn my writing into poems, then and eventually songs. This was the beginning of my music career.

SR: Was there a particular moment you realised you wanted to become a singer-songwriter?
NDLH: There was never an exact moment to be honest, it just grew on me the more. The more I immersed myself in music the more it took a hold of me. Now it’s all I wanted to do

SR: Describe your songwriting process
NDLH: My songwriting process is pretty organic. It normally involves my producer or someone I end up collaborating with, sending me an idea that he/they has for a beat. If I am digging it, then I go away and structure some lyrics and melodies behind the track. I find that melodies that sound good in your head don’t always sound good on the track, so I tend to always lay ideas down no matter what and build on what is sounding good.

My lyrics tend to relate to things that are either going on in my life at the time or stuff that has happened in the past, I find that I get inspiration from life’s experiences.

SR: Having been exposed to different cultures and music styles at an early age, has it influence you to experiment more on your music?
NDLH: As a kid my dad would always have music going on while we were at home or in the car etc as he has had a love for music his whole life.

I would definitely say this influenced me and my brothers and led us to making music of our own. Of course, having two older brothers, would mean I always listen to what they were listening too early, but when I moved to Spain I began to explore music myself, and gravitated towards Hip Hop and Pop music.

SR: What are the most challenging thing/s about being an artist?
NDLH: The most challenging thing I’d say would be going through stages where you are having a writers block or you are stuck on a song idea that is working but you cant exactly figure out how to give it that last finishing touches that it needs.

I have so many tracks that I think are good but not quite there yet which are on the ‘get to that later’ list!!! haha

SR: What motivates you to keep making music every day?
NDLH: I love it so much. I feel myself when I am writing and performing. Its on my mind pretty much the whole day haha, so you could say I don’t exactly need to motivate myself for it, it is a joy and not a burden.

SR: What artists have been your biggest influence or inspiration?
NDLH: I get asked this question a lot and it’s hard to answer. I do have a list of artists that I love, but my biggest inspirations and influences come from life itself. Things that occur in my life me that give me all the inspiration I need to write a song.

SR: What inspired your single and music video for “Hold Me Close”? Can you tell us what the recording session was like?
NDLH: Despite the fact that “Hold Me Close” has a feel good vibe, I wrote the song when I wasn’t in the best of mind sets and feeling a bit down! The recording sessions turned out to be great and I was able to bring something fun and positive to the song despite my state of mind! I am lucky that I get to work on these projects with my brother as we try to make it fun when we write and record music together. We just have a good time and hopefully you can hear that in “Hold Me Close.”

SR: What advice would you give anyone who aspires to be an artist?
NDLH: If you love it enough do it. Never be afraid of what people might think of you.

When I first started people would laugh at me, but these people helped me get where I am because it made me work so hard to turn those laughing haters into fans.

SR: What is next for you?
NDLH: More Music, more fun and more laughs.. oh and if I am lucky, world domination!! ahahaha

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Photo Credits: Meeno and Trini Cromie

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