Welcome to the newest edition of Music Monday! This edition features 2 singers and 2 bands who have released their amazing new singles I have yet to stop listening to.

R&B sensation John Legend teamed up with producer Bloodpop and dropped his newest single, “A Good Night”. The track finds Legend at his most funkiest with a catchy disco dripping pop soundscape. “A Good Night” recalls the moment Legend met his wife, Chrissy Teigen at a club and the life altering emotions experienced that night.

The self proclaimed “Bop of the spring” track lives up to the hype with it’s swagger oozing romanticism and Legend’s soulful crooning on the irresistible song production.

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Alternative rockers Thirty Seconds To Mars released their latest full length new album titled America. The album includes the standout track “Love is Madness” featuring indie pop songstress Halsey.

“Love Is Madness” is a haunting opera rock infused track that speaks on the many complex sides of toxic love. The band continues to expand their soundscapes to greater intriguing experimentations and intricate storytelling.

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Indie pop singer-songwriter Laura Welsh makes a grand return with her latest stunning new single, “Atomised” originally released on the movie soundtrack for fantasy film,Fallen. The new track kicks off a refreshing music era for the British native whose last release was her 2016’s EP, See Red.

Welsh shines in the pulsating soundscape with her delicate variations of harmonies and vulnerable falsetto burning throughout the complex song production. “Atomised” is a track that demands one’s attention to the sincere storytelling that Welsh continues to display in each track she releases.

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Indie pop/rock band Sunbathers have been on my radar for quite sometime. The Baltimore based band first caught my attention with their previous singles, “Intimacy”, “Lovepeak” and “Sugar”. The band recently released their newest track, “Heart of the Night”, an excellent synth pop track that sizzles with a thumping uplifting soundscape.

“Heart of the Night” transports it’s listeners on a feel good journey filled with soar baring vulnerabilities and highly addicting sounds. While we are experiencing a cold spring season, this track brings the endless warmth of a sunny day at the beach.

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