Singer-songwriter Spencer Ludwig kicked off this year on tour with indie pop darling Betty Who and releasing his Spanglish joint collaboration “Por Pura Curiosidad” with Latin superstar, Fonseca. Ludwig recently released his new single, “Just Wanna Dance”, his first independently released single from his own music label, Trumpet Records.

The LA based artist returns with his addictive Jazz infused pop on his newest track. While his previous singles, “Right Into U”, “Got Me Like” and “Midnight Special” ooze many of Ludwig’s music influences, “Just Wanna Dance” flexes Ludwig’s songwriting and vocal talents carving out his own artistic sound.

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The new track is instantly relatable as it speaks upon the pressures of standing out on Social Media in this day and age. Whether you are part of the entertainment industry or not, the demand of the “smoke and mirrors” culture on social media is unescapable and if not careful, can become life consuming. Ludwig declares enough is enough, says goodbye to the everyday pressures and is ready to dance the time away with his extraordinary trumpet. The future is looking infinitely bright for the multi-faceted artist who is determined to keep his listeners intrigued with every new funky single he releases.

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