Welcome to the newest edition of Music Monday! This edition features a group of artists who expose their ever changing artistry on their latest new music.

Pop singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes continues to prove he is more than a teenage heartthrob with his latest release, “In My Blood”. The arena ready anthem is the first of two new singles released this past Friday. While his second new track, “Lost in Japan” finds Mendes at his most experimental, exploring the funky soul a la Justin Timberlake, however it’s “In My Blood” that steals the show.

The song is an acoustic guitar driven track that begins like a delicate sorrowful lullaby as Mendes tells you his sincere story about being in the lowest lows and pleading for help. Mendes’ artistic growth is undeniable, as the song continues to the bridge, his voice reaches an unseen vulnerable state oozing despair as the song production soars up to unseen music heights. “In My Blood” is Mendes’ most relatable work for everyday listeners because it touches on the moments in life where you see no end to the darkness swallowing you whole and you don’t see the light of hope waiting for you in the other side.

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R&B sister duo/actresses Chloe x Halle have been gathering quite a fan following for a couple of years. While the sisters are best known for starring in standout roles on Freeform’s hit show, “grown-ish”, they initially started out posting song covers on YouTube which included their cover of Beyoncé’s song, “Pretty Hurts”. Since then, Beyoncé signed the talented sisters to her own music label, took them on tour and they released their first EP and mixtape.

On Friday, Chloe x Halle released their debut album titled The Kids Are Alright with an accompanying 10 minute short film. The album is filled with stellar emotive experimental R&B soundscapes. Chloe x Halle bring forward a new kind of R&B with their stunning track, “Happy Without Me” featuring Joey Bada$$. With their undeniable magnetic talent and endless charm the sisters are bound to conquer the world with their innovative sounds.

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Electronic Soul singer Sam Wills has been on my radar for quite sometime. The British born artist initially stole my attention with the release of his debut EP 2016’s So Bright (previously featured on my top artists of 2016) in addition to his extraordinary sophomore EP, Walking Underwater which features the standout new track, “The Both of Us”.

Wills, who is known for being one of the innovative voices of the UK future soul music movement, has once again carved his own artistic path, marrying vintage r&b, pop and futuristic electronic music into a multi-faceted music canvas of unheard of irresistible sounds. One listen to “The Both of Us” and you immediately get transported to a steamy roller coaster ride. Wills is at his most sultry with his buttery smooth vocal delivery shining on mesmerizing soundscape.

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LA based music producer, Kill Paris dropped his extraordinary new track “Made of Time” featuring Trove and Emily Vaughn. The track is Kill Paris’ first release of this year and it is unforgettable.

“Made of Time” marks the return of Kill Paris’ soul baring side which first captivated his listeners many years ago. The new track is an nostalgic odyssey full of intricate synths and ethereal vocals worthy of repeated listens. The track finds Trove stretching out his calming vocal range to dreamy peaks yet to be heard of while confessing the infinite depths of his love. Together with Vaughn, the trio take the future bass song production to a sentimental journey of unexpected thrilling twists and turns that will leave you speechless and highly addictive to hear more.

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