Welcome to our latest music monday! This edition features 2 bands and 2 singer-songwriter who have released new songs not to be missed.

UK based Alternative rock band, Sad Palace recently dropped their latest single, the irresistible “Honeycone”.

The talented quartet dived in funky waters with their newest track. “Honeycone” is a sizzling roller coaster ride that will have you swaying your body to the addictive soundscape each listen. The track oozes “too cool for you” swagger with a sizzling guitar solo and unique vocals that have you playing the song on repeat all day long.

Catch all the news on Sad Palace on their Official website.

New Wave Synth artist, The New Division, has been known to create fresh, distinct music and has garnered a quite loyal fanbase. The multi faceted artist recently released his latest single, “One Night in Tokyo”, ahead of his much awaited forthcoming EP release, Fader.

The new track does not disappoint. It is a spellbinding experience of a mystical soundscape and emotional vocals. “One Night in Tokyo” has the precise balance of music experimentations and exploration of raw human emotions.

Catch all the latest news on The New Division on his official website

Singer-Songwriter MAIKA dropped his latest single, the sentimental “HISTORY”. The track features a slow burning soundscape that highlights the soul baring story in the song lyrics. The Orlando based artist soars to epic heights with his powerful vocals as he sings about a lost love and yearning to experience it once again in the future.

“HISTORY” is a track that becomes relatable with it’s honest storytelling about wishing for the past and yet it leaves you with a message of hope by the conclusion of the song.

Catch the latest news on MAIKA on his Official Twitter

Synth pop music duo SEAWAVES return with their new single, “her”. In the recent years the UK based duo has been heard worldwide with their music being featured on TV, films and commercials such as Disney, MTV, Sony, Nike and many others.

Their much anticipated new single, “her,” finds the pair at their most dreamiest with their uplifting electronic rock infused synth pop soundscape reaching unearthly dimensions. The song immediately transports you to SEAWAVES’ artistic world of feel good emotions and mood boosting storytelling and becomes an essential escape to the everyday music listener.

Catch the latest news on SEAWAVES on their Official website

Listen to this month’s music monday picks on the playlist below:

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