Taylor Swift is keeping the gold the narrative as she unveiled another side of herself in her latest music video. Even when surrounded by fame, fans and media artists can feel invisible as their true selfs are hidden and as what they say or die is misconstrued to mean what benefits others.

In the music video for “Delicate,”Swift explores just this aspect of her life as we see her giving a red carpet interview before heading toward the bathroom, where she soon realizes strangers, fans, even her own security team can no longer see her. She uses this newfound freedom to be herself and just goof off making faces in the mirror, dancing in the rain and going barefoot through a subway station.

What makes this somewhat nonsensical music video work it that the into to the song states “my reputations never been worse so, you must like me for me.” Now, fans get to see the real an uninhibited side of Swift as she is freer that she’s felt before.

“Delicate” is the fourth song from reputation to get a music video also directed by frequent Swift collaborator Joseph Kahn.

She won Female Artist of the Year at the iHeart Radio Music Awards where she was absent due to preparing for her Reputation stadium tour kicking off May 8. Take a look at the video below along with some Easter eggs that will have fans squealing with glee.

(notice Joe’s deli in the background)

Could this be a reference to the song “So it Goes” lyric “met you at a bar/all eyes on me your illusionist”?

Do we spot a ring on her fourth left hand finger?

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