Philadelphia based music duo, NiGHTS have been on my music radar for quite sometime. The magnetic duo have been making music for many years but it wasn’t until they reinvented themselves as the mystical NiGHTS that their artistic vision became reality. I had the grand pleasure of catching up with the talented twosome shortly after the release of their latest single, “Issues”, where we spoke about their humble beginnings, their unique way of music making to the reasons behind their choice of staying anonymous where only their music speaks for them among other things.


NiGHTS are essentially two friends who got together by an unexpected event, a car crash. NiGHTS’ co-writer and producer recalls the moment fondly, “We are two really good friends that came together by coincidence of my friend crashing his car and not having a way to get to and from the same college we went to. So he asked me to drive him back and forth between our house.” It was during this particular period in time that the pair began exploring music making, “Our early start was mostly hip hop and r&b.” After brief period of time, NiGHTS was born, the pair remembers; “We had everything come together on how we wanted to sound and brand ourselves, we/ve been together for 6 years doing this and that’s how it pretty much how it started.”

Music Identity

When there are infinite amount of artists releasing music on streaming platforms on a daily basis, there are a few artists that stand out. NiGHTS caught my immediate attention with their own unique brand of music which they describe as “a nice hybrid of smooth elements from modern r&b and hip hop and blending with electronic”.

After listening to previously released singles such as “Breath”, “Party” and “Wave” by NiGHTS (previously featured on our Music Monday section), I became intrigued to learn more about their artistic story. What I learned initially is that the pair of artists were drowning in mystery, there wasn’t much out there about them apart from their healthy amount of singles and a few shadowy press shots on their social media.

I asked them the reasons behind their hidden identity: “We want no preconceived notions when it comes to what our sound is. We just want everyone to hear the music first.” They point out that it also helps them to focus more on the music but eventually they will reveal their physical appearance. “Obviously, we will have to come out and show our faces at one point but at the early stages, it’s more intriguing and brings people in.”

Music Making

NiGHTS have an interesting way of creating their own music, bringing their own individual raw talents together and creating their own savory signature songs. The duo shares that their song making process usually involves a lot of improvisation. “I would compare it to the traditional sense where someone makes a beat and then someone hears the beat and writes a song to it, everything is separate.” NiGHTS co-writer and producer clarified that he starts with a snare, a clap and then they both begin writing most of the song before recording it. “It’s crazy that it always starts like that but the finish product just sounds more together doing it like that. It’s most comfortable for our singer.”

NiGHTS’ singer-songwriter further added: “Together, how we flow and how we approach songs, it’s an honesty that we keep in with each other on the production and the vocals. We are very honest with ourselves when it comes to appealing to whoever is listening. We want to be as intimate as possible and leaving you hanging wanting more.”

When NiGHTS’ latest single, “Issues” dropped ahead of Valentine’s day, it was a grand surprise because the song wasn’t your typical love song. ”We both are in relationships, many people are and whether this is relationships between your significant other, a friend or co-worker, there are all these different moments and issues that you have with them.Whether it’s through a phone call or it’s face to face.” The pair pointed out that they finished and dropped “Issues” before Valentine’s Day for a “little contrast for this time of year”.

Rewards & Challenges

Artists face many challenges that not many of the outside world know about. For NiGHTS, the challenging part of being an artist is not getting lost in the infinite ocean of artists. “In this industry where everybody now has the power to put out their song, as many songs, it’s so flooded. It’s easy to be drowning in that. Trying to get in front of the right people, We’ve had some good luck with that. It definitely has a hard learning curve.”

There is also a rewarding side of being an artist and for NiGHTS it’s creating and releasing songs. “The most rewarding [part] is finishing a song and dropping it. We make a song and we know it’s going to be released within three months no matter what anybody says and you know it’s the right move.” They gave me further insight that their biggest inspiration, The Weeknd, in addition to Travis Scott, inspired their 2017’s addictive summer anthem, “Basic”. The pair had attended their shows that weekend. “We recorded the song that Monday, it was really cool, that’s how the inspiration came from.” When they share moments together they make high energy songs which end up going through “the car test” because “we like to hearing how everybody else is going to listen to it, that’s the true test, the car test.”

Advice & The future

As we concluded our wonderful chart, the duo offered advice to those aspiring to become artist. ”Get your own equipment and learn how to make music. Don’t have expectations for anyone else. You are the answer. Everything is what you make it and no matter what moment you are in, no matter how many opportunities you have, you are responsible for the outcome of if you succeed or not. It’s all about the small victories that lead up to the big picture and how long you can fight and get kicked and get up when you are down”.

NiGHTS have created their own space in the music sphere by crafting dark soundscapes oozing with endless amount of confidence and sensuality and bold lyrics about the many facets of love and life. The pair made it known that they are ready for more music experimentations on the many upcoming releases throughout the year. “It’s going to be a big year for us. Will be releasing a lot of big singles. We are excited to make better music.”

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