Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Lostboycrow released “Traveler: The Third Legend” the final legend of a three part Legends series in which collectively make up his full length debut album, Traveler.

The “Third Legend” features 5 tracks that include 3 previously released singles, “Scorpio”, “I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman, “Church with No Ceiling” in addition to 2 brand new tracks, ”Cindy at the Window” and “River of Forgetfulness”. While the first two legends were swimming in sultry, vivid soundscapes, drenched in romanticism of the one’s youth and yearning one’s past. This legend oozes the idea of embracing one’s life journey ahead with a vast amount of wonder and openness.

The Legend begins with the buttery smooth opening track,”Scorpio”, a bold collaboration with music producer, Jimmy Harry. “Scorpio” effortlessly intertwines the conclusion of the Second legend and pushes the story forward as the song reaches the revealing bridge and outro.

On the following track, “I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman” finds the charming singer at his most confident, as he reunites with his frequent music collaborator, producer, Dylan William in addition to flor’s frontman, Zach Grace. Together, they ascend to gutsy music territory with the track’s luminous soundscape which includes a sizzling guitar solo by Grace. The song tells the honest storytelling of how Lostboycrow’s past has shaped his artistic path in addition to gaining awareness of his own identity.

By the time you reach the middle of the Third Legend, you get the sense that the mystical singer is unafraid of exposing his vulnerabilities while pushing his rare blend of R&B blended Electronic Pop to the limits which is most evident on the MARØ-real miilk produced enthralling lullaby, “Cindy on the Window”. Both MARØ and real miilk are longtime key members of Lostboycrow’s production team and know how to bring out the colorful variations of the singer’s vocal range while collaborating with their own individual producing styles to uncharted music heights.

The standout track, “Church With No Ceiling” has Lostboycrow teaming up with producer real miilk once again but this time, they deliver a timeless song that is bound to resonate with every listener. “Church With No Ceiling” is a grand departure from Lostboycrow’s “sound” at first listen. However, after multiple repeated listens you realize this is a musical marriage between the old and modern creating a bold new sound of who is Lostboycrow now. The songwriter has grown fearless as he speaks sincerely on religion, human nature and self identity.

As the legend concludes with the haunting Jimmy Harry produced “River of Forgetfulness”, Lostboycrow leaves his listeners with a hopeful message about embracing who you are and facing your fears regardless what life’s challenges or limitations you are faced with. Lostboycrow’s Traveler: The Third Legend does not conclude his artistic story instead it leads to a new brand beginning of endless possibilities.

Listen to “Traveler: The Third Legend” below

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