A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the bay area’s sold out tour stop of Walk The Moon’s “Press Restart Tour”. The show marked their much awaited return to the bay area since 2014’s “Talking Is Hard World Tour”.

Upon arriving to the concert venue, I was pleasantly surprised at the massive lines of fans waiting outside sporting the band’s merchandise and signature face paint. By the time the show kicked off, the anticipation in the air was thick and was felt through out the 3,000 plus fans in the room.

Seeing the Ohio’s based band live is such a rare experience which results in leaving you entranced in any position you are standing or seated at in the room. Having experienced the band’s live shows in different tours throughout the years, the one thing that remains consistent is their explosive stage presence. It is impossible not to jump, dance and sing freely in sync with the band.

When Walk The Moon performed their newest singles, “Kamikaze”, “Surrender” and “One Foot”, from their latest album, what if nothing, frontman Nicholas Petricca mesmerized with his impeccable and emotional live renditions.

The almost 2 hour live setlist included many fan favorites from “Lisa Baby, Portugal”, “Aquaman”, “Shiver Shiver” to “Different Colors” and “Anna Song”. The show had countless memorable moments from band members Eli Maiman’s electrifying guitar solos, Kevin Ray’s swagger filled dance moves to Petricca’s fan crowd interactions and sing alongs. Walk The Moon have proved time and time again, they are a band who thrive to push music boundaries and bring people together while having the times of their lives.

You can catch Walk The Moon live on tour at your nearest concert venue, for details check out their official website.

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