Everyone has a past. Everyone has a secret. Everyone is a suspect. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents the ultimate case of whodunit when MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS arrives on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD February 27.

Produced by Branagh along with Ridley Scott (Alien: Covenant), Simon Kinberg (Logan), Mark Gordon (Molly’s Game), Judy Hofflund (As You Like It) and Michael Schaefer (The Martian), MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS is loaded with bonus material that dives into the making of the film including an eight-part documentary, eleven deleted scenes, commentary by Branagh and much more.

20th Century Fox provides ya with an advance copy to review the over 90 minutes of bonus features for you which you can read below!

Agatha Christie An Intimate Portrait

Matthew Prichard, grandson of Agatha Christie, talks about reading his grandmother’s books as a child. Cast and crew also discuss the impact that the books and characters had on them and how they became fans of her writing. Prichard also explains how Murder on the Orient Express came about and how it was inspired. The featurette also shows photos from Agatha Christie’s life with voiceovers of old interviews.

Let’s Talk About Hercule Poirot

This character became Agatha Christie’s most popular creation and was inspired by various other literary characters. He gives enough information to tantalize but not enough to give everything away. His appearance and personality is used as a means to figure out other people’s real thoughts.

Unusual Suspects Parts 1 – 3

Actor/Director Kenneth Branagh discusses the fasting process for the 12 unique characters that take center stage in this novel. The director breaks up the groups of characters into sections. Part 1 focusing on the people that make up the group of the murdered Ratchet and how each actor portrays each person. Part 2 focuses on the castings of the female characters: Caroline Hubbard, Mary Debbenah, Pilar Eatravador, Princess Dragomorf, portrayed by a range of immensely talented actresses. Part 3 closes out the casting process of the male leads: Pierre Michael, Binamino Marquez, Doctor Arbuthnot, Count Andreny, Gerhard Hardman, Monsieur Bouc, which are composed of an array of actors from different cultures.

The Art of Murder

Executive producer Andy Dodd discusses obtaining the film rights to Hercules Poirot to bring his character to the big screen. Production approached Kenneth to direct the film and discussed how they could recreate the character for the modern world. Members of the Agatha Christie estate were very helpful in making sure the production stayed true to the character and keeping them in line. We get a glimpse at the design and creation of the train and locomotive that became part of the set. The interior decor and attention to detail of the time for the set design and costumes made it easier for the cast to feel as if they were really on the Orient Express and tap into their character backgrounds.

All Aboard: Filming Murder on the Orient Express

Director Kenneth Branagh discusses his choice for filming in 65 millimeter. How it affects the look and feel of the film. Creating a set for the train that would allow to film moving scenes utilizing LED screens to have the scenery outside the windows be realistic. We also get a stunning look at the filming of the very last shot of the movie which was done in one long take.

Music of Murder

Composer Patrick Doyle takes us through the process of creating the score for the film composed of a string orchestra. Most of the concept pieces he created prior to filming ended up in the film score. Infusing the feelings of mystery, movement and danger into each piece to help move the plot along.

Deleted Scenes

The bonus features treat us to 11 deleted scenes, some of which give viewers a better idea of the plot behind the story while others showcase the quirks that make Hercule Poirot unique.


This section contains a series of behind the scenes shots and stills from the making of the film.

Fans of Agatha Christie will love how hands on members of her stat where I️. He making of this film. All the interview show just how much input they gave production in order to remain true to the original work. The Murder On the Orient Express Blu-ray is a definite must have for new and longtime fans of the writer.

‘Murder On the Orient Express’ Brings Agatha Christie’s World to Life - (Bonus Features Review)
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