Welcome to the newest edition of Music Monday! On this edition we have 4 singers who bring their distinct storytelling on their new singles.

A few days ago, singer/actress Janelle Monáe released 2 new singles with accompanying music videos in support of her forthcoming new album in titled Dirty Computer.

The delightful first of 2 tracks, “Make Me Feel,” in addition to the accompanying glowing music video, is Monáe’s own declaration of freedom of identity in her art. As her mentor, Prince did before her, Monáe creates her own oversized gender bending artistic persona where she shares tongue in cheek stories about sexual fluidity. Monáe sets the standard for female artists to dive in unknown music territories while maintaining a mystical aura in her own artistry.

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The latest release of multi-instrumentalist, Vocalist/producer Jordan Rakei finds him at his most complex.

The track “Eye To Eye” is an unexpected jazzy song. With an intricate soundscape, almost too delicate song lyrics and a voice that has a uncanny resemblance to fellow artist James Blake. Rakei has an undeniable talent for storytelling, every note and sound is well thought out and leaves his listeners intrigued to listen to more.

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Country singer, Jenna Paulette’s newest track,”ILYSM” is bound to be a fan favorite across the music sphere. Paulette brings a refreshing sound to country music, flawlessly marrying the old and modern country music and creating a unique brand of highly addictive songs such as “ILYSM”.

The dreamy track follows her release of 2017’s “Coolest Girl in the World”. The standout track celebrates the special moments of you and your lover have shared. The surprising soundscape pulls the listeners in when the sultry chorus commences and will remain in your mind for hours later.

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Pop singer, Alexx Mack returns with her latest single, the soul baring, “Wine In Bed”. The powerful ballad reveals an unseen artistic side of Mack, where she bares her own personal demons and seeks answers on how she should fight them.

“Wine In Bed” is slated to captivate her listeners with her sincere, vulnerable story about past bad choices and accepting that sometimes life’s journey is not easy and can be confusing but you cannot give up and you have to keep fighting your personal toxic thoughts.

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