LA based music producer NUBY is on the verge of his much awaited live debut this Thursday, February 22nd at the Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles, CA. I had the grand pleasure in chatting with the talented artist via telephone and we spoke about his beginnings in the arts, his inspirations and his artistic vision of who and what NUBY represents.

One of the most interesting things about listening to NUBY’s music is the way he creates soundscapes that take you on a laidback journey of feel good emotions. NUBY tells me that his music is kind of hard to pinpoint and there is genre mixing. ”I always describe it like every part of the song, it’s inspiration from a different style of music.”

The beginning

Before he was the music producer known as NUBY, there was Jordan Taylor, a Motion Graphic designer hailing from New York. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in the arts and it was during this time that he discovered his passion for music making. “There was a moment that I had where I was like ‘I finally found what I had been looking for’ as far as the steps of making music, just to start to learn.”

The story begins when Taylor reconnects with one of his college friends, Jason Brown, a filmmaker, (whose grandfather is James Brown) and occasional LA DJ. Once there, Brown starts teaching him how to use his DJ setup. Taylor recalls a moment where “it felt like it wasn’t what I was looking for and he (Brown) asked me what I was trying to do and I told him, ‘I’m interested in telling stories, creating the music’.” Taylor was brought to another producer’s house, a friend of Brown’s, where he was taught how to use ableton and a midi keyboard, it was there, Taylor felt he had a breakthrough. “I finally understood how to go about making music. When I left the producer’s house I immediately went to guitar center and got a keyboard. Been doing music everyday since then.”

The representation of NUBY

Taylor’s artist name, NUBY, comes from his dad’s last name, who is also a singer in a blues band based in Ohio. The first thing you notice when you see a photo or video of Taylor as NUBY is his mysterious identity as he sports a ski mask. He explains to me the many reasons why the ski mask is essential to his artistic vision. “One of the ideas behind it, is it’s a unity thing, a symbol.” Taylor emphasizes that the ski mask also hints on his own story as NUBY which began when he met his dad later in his adult life. “Not knowing who my dad was and through him, I came across NUBY, he asked me a long time ago if I would change my name and when I thought about it, I thought my artist name is going to be NUBY.” Taylor further explains that the ski mask is a visual metaphor for a hidden identity. From knowing himself as Jordan Taylor all his life to discovering his hidden self as NUBY, “who was hidden from [me] for a quarter of [my] life.” Taylor also confesses that “I like that it’s a ski mask, usually it’s negative. It’s an interesting contrast for the sound.”

Song making process

“There is definitely a process, for some of the processes, I use the software “Machine or (Machina), a loop system.” Taylor emphasizes, “the software is great because it allows you to put different ideas out really fast.” He explains he immediately uses the main idea of the song and brings it on ableton, where the details and layers are added in.

Inspirations and Challenges

Taylor tells me his dream collaboration with another artist would be with the late great Michael Jackson and clarified it has nothing to do with his dance skills, “Michael Jackson because of his stage presence, energy, his style of performing and understanding the idea behind what he is doing.”

In the midst of our conversation, I asked Taylor what is the most challenging in being a producer. “It’s very challenging to make something that sounds like the melody or song that was in your head in the beginning.” He adds that the other challenge is to make consistent simplified music; ”It is easy to come up with a bunch of ideas but what is not easy is being able to finish a song, an effective good song.”


Taylor points out that his motivation to keep making music is his enjoyment of creating it. ”Knowing the more time I spend on it, the closer I get to achieving one dream after another. Knowing what kind of life I want to live, that [is] a motivating factor too. I’m at a place where I’m trying to make money from music now.”

At the conclusion of our interview, I asked Taylor about his plans regarding his live debut performance and at the time he described his vision as wanting it “to be a light installation, my favorite artists are installation artists.” He describes it as being. “in this light installation and your surroundings are one thing, it’s not so separate. Doing things like that allow you do things you can interact with, whether it’s smoke, the air, things people can physically feel, like movement.” Taylor is aiming to marry his love for art installation and performance art and create his own unique live performance.

Catch NUBY’s live debut show on Feb 22, Tickets can be found here!

Listen to NUBY’s music available on his Official SoundCloud page

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