Welcome to the newest edition of Music Monday! This week features 2 song collaborations and 2 new singles from a group of intriguing artists that are not to be missed.

Music Producer, Whethan released the new catchy track, “High” featuring pop singer, Dua Lipa from the Fifty Shades Freed movie soundtrack.

The Chicago native explores a new soundscape oozing his influence of Alternative pop or Bedroom pop and soars with a thumping sultry track. Lipa brings her powerful vocals and takes the song to intriguing highs. “High” is meant to be listen to repeated times to fully appreciate the multi faceted song production.

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Hot on the heels of a pair of song contributions, “Ta Melleure Ennemie”, “Pearls” featuring Marian Hill’s Samantha Gongol for the Fifty Shades Freed movie soundtrack, the synth pop duo release their newest single, “Subtle Thing”.

“Subtle Thing” marks Marian Hill’s return from a two year hiatus of releasing new music. The magnificent track takes their alluring signature sound to eccentric heights with a provocative soundscape filled with drums and bells. The track finds Gongol at her most savory as the laidback track takes you on a steamy journey.

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UK singer HUNTAR makes his much awaited return with his first single, “Beautiful” from his forthcoming debut album due out later this year.

While his previously released singles, “4AM”, “Can’t Get Enough” and “Anyway” have displayed the many artistic sides of the talented singer. “Beautiful” goes beyond expectations and bares his soul in a brand new way.

“Beautiful” is a stripped down piano ballad that tells the story of wishing for the one you love to see themselves the way you see them. The heart-squeezing storytelling is at its most sincere and most relatable. The emotional track highlights the versatility of HUNTAR’s vocal range and further cements his place in the music world as one to watch for.

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The much buzzed about Black Panther movie soundtrack has recently dropped ahead of the much anticipated movie. The Kendrick Lamar-produced soundtrack features a colorful collection of artists collaborations including standout track,”I Am” featuring singer-songwriter, Jorja Smith.

The English artist explores new music territory with a futuristic soul music production. Smith, who is not afraid to experiment with new sounds, “I Am” is an unapologetic anthem essentially about being true to yourself. The latter part of the song features a surprise appearance from Lamar, who flawlessly harmonies with Smith, delivering a powerful song conclusion.

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