Welcome to the newest edition of our Artist Spotlight feature! Today we bring you singer-songwriter and producer, Denny White (previously featured on one of our Music Monday editions).

Hot on the heels of releasing his new single, “Torn Up”, White spoke with us about his fascinating artist journey and provided insight on the making of his latest single among other things!

SR: What is your story?
DW: I’m a Southern California native, and grew up in a musical family, playing in church, traveling to Europe in jazz bands and screaming my lungs out in my high school days in garage bands. I currently live in Los Angeles, and make music full time, for me and other artists. I’ve worked with some insanely talented people like Michael Brun, The Fray, Tiesto, Lukas Graham and guys from OneRepublic. I have an amazing wife and am a new dad to two really cute kids.

SR: How would you describe your music style?
DW: It’s tough, my influences have always been all over the map, but the simplest way to describe it would be eclectic pop with soulful and indie undertones..

SR: Was there a particular moment you realized you wanted to become a singer-songwriter/music producer?
DW: Definitely, after my freshman year of college, I realized that for what I wanted to do, the best thing was to drop out and move to LA. It scared my folks, but I like to think I’ve proven it was worth it.

SR: Describe your songwriting and producing process.
DW: Every song is different, but I often start with a rough beat and mess around with sounds until something inspires some great melodies. I’m constantly recording inaudible voice notes on my phone and keeping a list of concepts and themes. I work in Logic Pro X and with the technology these days it’s pretty easy to get going with a vibe and idea fast. I’ll write melodies first and often a lot of the word gibberish that comes out forms the lyrics and syllable sounds if that makes sense. The writing happens typically in one day and the producing takes a bit more time to get everything right sonically.

SR: What are the most challenging thing/s about being an artist?
DW: It’s an incredible time to be an artist, with social media and all the tools to immediately share your music with the world, but it can be frustrating trying to cut through all the noise in such an over saturated game. It can be challenging, but it pushes me even harder at my craft, so I can hopefully stand out from the crowd.

SR: What motivates you to keep making music every day?
DW: One, I love making music, and am always itching to get to my studio if I’m not there, so I feel like on a day to day “showing up” sense I’m driven already and don’t need the motivation, but on the bigger picture my family is my main motivation for everything, especially now being a new dad, I have to make music so we survive. It’s a wild ride!

SR: What artists have been your biggest influences or inspirations?
DW: It’s been really inspiring to see one of my closest friends, Brent who’s in OneRepublic, fill the role of both artist and songwriter/producer. He was the first person to really model that type of grind for me. Other folks that really get me are Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, Greg Kurstin and Jon Bellion.

SR: What inspired your new single, “Torn Up”? Can you tell us what the recording session was like?
DW: I wrote it late last spring, a few months before our daughter was born and had all the feels going on. It was a season of depression and uncertainty with my career, mixed with joy and anticipation of bringing a new life into this world. The song wrote itself pretty fast when I found myself in a moment of realizing it’s okay not being okay sometimes and being vulnerable and [being] held together by those closest to you is a good thing.

SR: What advice would you give anyone who aspires to be an artist?
DW: Create and create often. If you want to be a songwriter, write everyday. It’s a discipline like anything else and takes lots of time to develop. Also, don’t be discouraged when it doesn’t all happen on your timeline, cause I can almost guarantee you it won’t. Grow thick skin and be un-offendable, cause not everyone will get what you do. To be an artist you have to develop grit and the art of always continuing. The last thing I’d say is have fun, don’t take yourself too serious and enjoy it. Create what inspires and moves you and the rest will follow suit.

SR: What is next for you?
DW: I’m almost done with my winter break up in Spokane, Washington and will be heading back to Los Angeles next week! I’m going to be releasing a song every 30-45 days this year, so after this I’ll be going back to my makeshift studio and working on more new tunes!

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